This 2 SECOND Tip will add 30+ yards to your DRIVES

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8 Replies to “This 2 SECOND Tip will add 30+ yards to your DRIVES”

  1. I must admit, I was skeptical that this would make any difference at all, but first drive it literally added 20 yards and it was straight down the middle, if not slightly favoring a draw, which I fight a power fade with all my might so this was quite a surprise! The next four drives after that weโ€™re all the exact same. Thank you so much for this tip!

  2. Thank you thank you than you. This actually works. Bear with me as I explain in some detail as it may help others who follow you. I tried it while working with my driver in one of the Foresight GC Hawk launch monitor fitting bays at the PGA Superstore in Rockville, Maryland. I'm 82, so of course have lost distance, and I have been trying hard to get my carry distance up to 200-205 yards from 190-195 so that my total distance will be 225 or a bit more rather than 210-215. The launch monitor really helps in showing actual data.

    I had used two drivers, one my usual Callaway Epic GBB Sub Zero 10.5 with a Graphite Design Tour AD-IZ 5 R1 (regular plus) 54 gram shaft, the other one a XXIO X 2019 version black 10.5 degree driver (the one with orange trim, not the newer one with green) I recently bought in mint condition for a bargain price. It has a Miyazaki AX-1 47 gram stiff shaft (International Flex Code 4333, which is really stiff minus). Initially I had not gotten better results with the XXIO and felt a bit disappointed. But with your tip from Ali Taylor, plus some improvements in my swing from Eric Cogorno's June 4 video titled "The TRICK To Leading With The Right Arm In The Downswing" I got results that had me quietly cheering.

    Before results (with ProV1x ball): Callaway driver, ball speed 117.3, carry 190, total 212. Best single shot ball speed 120.6, carry 198 total 218. XXIO driver, ball speed 118.7, carry 191, total 210, best single shot ball speed 118.9, carry 196, total 215.

    After results using your Ali Taylor tip with XXIO driver: ball speed 122.1, carry 205, total 228, single best shot ball speed 124.2, carry 209, total 234.

    To be fair, part of the improvement no doubt is due to Cogorno's instruction video. It emphasizes trail arm adduction and pressing the bicep against the chest, plus trail arm external rotation, keeping the elbows close, and the trail wrist in extension. Cogorno in this video demonstrates rotation of the body and mentions it, but does not go into detail about it. However, in my session I also kept in mind a brief video I had just seen from another instructor on Golf Magazine stressing, hammering, on the fact that you must get your weight shifted on to the left or lead leg/foot in order to make a proper turn of the body. If your weight stays back or on both feet, you will only spin the hips but the swing arc will be thrown off and you will have no power. There are many videos that emphasize this weight shift and turn, this just happened to be a short, clear one I saw the same day. Finally, I also had to remind myself that to get faster swing speed you must brace the trail leg, not allowing it to sway, turn your right or trail hip back, and make a fuller turn back with your shoulders, then start your weight shift and downswing while your back is still partly turned toward the target, even though it initially may feel exaggerated. Easy to forget. So, halfway through hitting driver, while I was focusing on arm structure and body turn but not getting quite the results I wanted, I remembered your Ali Taylor tip and tried it. Bingo! Thank you.

  3. Robin C says:

    The problem with Ally Taylor is every tip he does adds 30 yards or 25 yards…and the thumbnail never changes….most of his students must be up to hitting 600 yard drives ….
    I unsubscribed his channel because of this….which is a shame because I expect a combination of his tips would help you hit it a bit further…

  4. Where do you square the club at set up, is it at low point or at ball.

  5. Unclenewy says:

    John Rahm has explained that he does this when he wants to hit a draw.
    I have been fighting a slice all my life, and have managed to semi control it into a fade, and sometimes straight.
    But the other week I tried this drill towards the end of a round because I wanted to see if i could draw it………..I drop kicked it about 3 inches behind the ball and snap hooked it left about 240 yards into a lake on a different hole ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. I've used this technique and find it helps me as long as I also release through the hitting zone๐Ÿ‘

  7. exrog says:

    My problem is that I hit the ball way too high to begin with.

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