DGPT Creates United Series for FPO | Winners and Losers

The DGPT has announced the creation of a new “United Series” designation to restore the FPO events in states where the DGPT had planned to cancel or relocate events to avoid further lawsuits challenging their gender eligibility policy. We analyzed the pro tour’s decision making and discussed who we think the winners and losers are in this situation.

You can read the DGPT’s full statements here: https://www.dgpt.com/announcements/

Our previous videos on the Natalie Ryan Lawsuit: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL7xdQ5itek3IPSwTCRRDqbkwfXzm6QWm

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0:00 The DGPT Cancells/ Relocates FPO
1:22 The DGPT Creates United Series
5:28 The DGPT’s Reasoning
7:55 Winners & Losers

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30 Replies to “DGPT Creates United Series for FPO | Winners and Losers”

  1. brian shaw says:

    its not a her… stop referring to this pos as a her… its a freak…

  2. d b says:

    So we are suppose to accept and imagine that men can become women like magic and continue to let men scoop in on the girls hard earned money to try to make it to the next tournament? Back to square 1.

  3. Tyler M says:

    It's sad that they had compromise on these events, but I understand everyone wants the FPO division to be able to play. Definitely not a time in human history to be proud of.

  4. Natalie ryan really doesn't want anyone to have respect for him

  5. NFS says:

    Just make the FPO a separate tour. Ran in by women for women. Done.

  6. The attack on women and women's sports undermines this protected class by cheaters attempting to gain an obviously unfair advantage which is far beyond common sense.

  7. Columbo says:

    All of this really sucks for real women. Think I’ll stick with watching the MPO.

  8. Steven Myers says:

    The other losers you negated to mention in your closing statement would be: every real woman that finishes behind a fake woman, in the cash or not. If your mind is too open, your brain falls out. I enjoy your show counselor, you are an asset to disc golf and your profession.

  9. Steven Myers says:

    Girls unite!! Boycott the event. He/She plays alone. It'll be the most watched FPO event!! Once. Isn't the owner of the DGPT a gazillionaire? Let him put his foot down a be the martyr we need. Lose some money for a while, fix the BS. He'll be a hero and the rest of the country can follow suit and salute a respectable American. My PDGA renewal hangs in the balance. He's shaking in his Louis Vuitton kicks.

  10. berg heskin says:

    the key words are male female. make the courts define the difference between gender and biological sex for those that believe gender is fluid. female according to them would not equal woman. make them stay consistent in the meanings of words and don't let them make biological sex fluid.

  11. I think your take is spot on, except possible for the lawyers losing out. It's hard to know what to make of Natalie's promise to continue fighting. Until now, she's been fighting to rules in favorable jurisdictions, and these new rules give the DPGA a way of have to adjust the rules to suit the jurisdiction. However, compliance with the law is insufficient to ensure you're not sued. I don;t know who funds Natalie's lawsuits, but odds are it's a combination of donors and transgender rights organizations. If they want the headlines and they can't get them in favorable states, they may choose to sue in states where they have little chance of winning. Time will tell I guess.

  12. Trans people have always existed. It is a historical fact. It is the truth. And all you in echo chambers who doubt that they are just as real and human and worthy of rights as you will see this sort of issue coming up more and more now that the MANY trans people worldwide have access to modern medical science capable of helping them become on the outside the person they have always been on the inside. And very few are saying there should just be nonregulated open competition between ciswomen and every transwomen. For most of us, it is about a balance of fairness and human rights and this latest move by the PDGA shows that we can find compromises even with extremists on both ends. Advocating for bans and bullying as we all try to figure this out is not a good look. And bigotry has always lost in the end.

  13. SamWattRock says:

    They went from principle to party to money. Bad move.

  14. Pepe says:

    Why are Men becoming so sad 🙃

  15. Luke Crane says:

    Natalie Ryan is a joke

  16. vic chei says:

    like our money says, in god we trust, what changed

  17. Will Jones says:

    I hope all the female players boycott the United Series events. Let Natalie play by themself.

  18. Ross Fraaza says:

    Fuck all that. Not fair

  19. one guy ruined it for everyone great job

  20. Jamison Ryon says:

    I appreciate what youre saying about "good deals are the ones where both parties are a little uncomfortable/dont think it was a great deal" – my old man used to tell me that…but to pretend that FPO, Fans or DGPT here are "Winners" is quite a lot of spin….on a clearly crappy situation. "compromise" is the buzzword of the decade – but is compromise really ALWAYS a good thing? – I think compromising here is probably a bad thing. Like would you compromise with a bank robber – he comes in and says "give me all your money" – you say – "well how about none of it….alright in the spirit of compromise, you can have half" hahahaha – its like "compromise" has become the defacto premier value in every situation, regardless of if it makes real and logical sense or not.

  21. Red States being useful. How bout that.

  22. Mike Wagner says:

    He still aint no good even playing with the real women !! lol

  23. If we simply allow trans health care access to youth, this problem would be solved in one generation. Of course, conservatives won’t do that, so the problem will remain and I think this is a good compromise and step towards progress and inclusion.

  24. Everyone is a winner here considering the circumstances. Obviously the relocation/cancellation of the FPO announcement was an angle. That announcement just doesn’t seem like the DGPT would ever seriously do. In my opinion anyway… they have a history of making the women’s game a priority, they wouldn’t just throw that out. They basically just went “yea? This is what you’re going to do to us Natalie? Ambush us with your free lawyers at the last minute and force your way in while making us go broke fighting you in court? Cool. Look what we can do. Now there’s nothing for you to fight your way into, AND your actions have also just taken out the viable path for women to play disc golf altogether, literally destroying what you’re fighting for. How’s that?” Then literally a week later, an entirely new series is born with logos and caddie books already made and shit?! That was absolutely an angle, and it worked. Sure the polarized left and right are still all pissed off, but they’re pissed off in general and just an obnoxious loud tiny minority. But with what Natalie is willing to do in order to force her agenda on the sport, this option is freaking brilliant. We have an FPO division. Plus, with the remainder of events mostly in the Northeast, it just appears right now that most events are going to be this United designation. If this goes on for 2024, I bet it’s half and half at best. Plus the way I understand it, Natalie still isn’t getting FPO points, just United points at those events, along with all the other women, so it’s basically just a “great, play here in these blue states, hush your mouth, and we’ll give Kristin another championship to win.”

  25. why are people and players putting up with this evil that is being spread through the transgender movement. you don't affirm people with other mental health issues why affirm this. biology gives you the truth and facts. if people unite we can stand against this evil.

  26. He is a male not a female . Stop kissing the ring .

  27. None of the women like the male (Ryan) being allowed to compete in their space. As soon as females disc golfers start competing in the MPO then you may have a point. But we all know that will never happen. This is just male bullying.

  28. James Wilbik says:

    What happened to majority rule? Please hear the fpo players out and listen to the majority. Sports and the world don't run on feelings.

  29. Immature. Pure envy. Evil!

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