This 2022 golf club could REPLACE YOUR DRIVER!!

The New Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Iron 2021.


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Hey Guys, I’m Alex Etches and I’m a golf professional and product reviewer. If you don’t know me, I started playing golf at 10 years old, turned professional at 22 in the UK, and have been creating entertaining and informative golf content on different platforms for the last 10 years. My home is now AUSTRALIA and I hope to take you around some of the best golf courses from down under.

On this channel, you can expect many fun reviews and videos. From testing out some crazy golf clubs to the latest product releases which includes TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, Titleist, and many more…

I also do lots of traveling and will bring you along the journey with me. With Golf Vlogs from the UK, US, and many other locations it never gets boring on tour with #TEAMAL!

Anyway, enough about me – If you’re new to the channel, or have been with #TEAMAL for a while, write a message down in the comment section and say Hi!


23 Replies to “This 2022 golf club could REPLACE YOUR DRIVER!!”

  1. William Eoff says:

    Lol 2nd water ball

  2. Great video…. Again. 🙂 Have you tried this off a tee?

  3. Kent Turner says:

    That got a subscription from me. Thanks for making it fun, Al. Been looking to maybe get this club

  4. Kevin Jo says:

    This was exactly what I was looking for, which shaft did you use? Thanks.

  5. kaballas123 says:

    When the music started playing in the middle of the video I was waiting for Truman’s boat to hit the wall

  6. Duck it going driving iron next summer

  7. krusher74 says:

    154 ball from a 117mph swing isn't a very good average smash factor. 1.3 isnt even good for a 7 iron. We need to dot these clubs up to see where you are hitting them on the face.

  8. Buck Rogers says:

    Alex is like the chunky brother of Woody from Cheers pub, where everybody knows your handicap.

  9. If only the made it for lefties

  10. ENWILSON says:

    It is nice seeing someone with my build hit a long iron. I may not be tour material but I can absolutely smash a golf ball with a halfway decent strike.

  11. N Noddy says:

    It is a Mizuno 'Crossover'….would like to see it against the Ping.

  12. Hi Al. Love this review and the hammering you gave the club.I see they come stock with a graphite shaft. What shaft stiffness did you have fitted to the club?

  13. MrBraz33 says:

    Really like watching your channel. It gives me a great idea on clubs I may like because from everything I've watched I have a super similar swing to you. Keep up the fun content.

  14. ProfessorABR says:

    I definitely do not have the swing speed needed to be able hit this club. This is why is carry hybrids.

  15. Robbie Smith says:

    I want to try one as can’t hit a 3 wood to save my life!

  16. Steve says:

    is it a 2 iron?

  17. Happy new year Al! Excited to see what you have for us in 2022

  18. So funny!!!! Thanks!!!

  19. Replace what driver? Screw that. I've been using a 3 hybrid squeezing 250 out of. Driver might be longer but not as accurate. I could imagine squeezing out some serious distance like a surgeon with that.

  20. GolfatHome says:

    You are an animal… I love how fluid and powerful your swing is. I just found your channel and I hit the subscribe button in a hurry! 117 mph with an iron… mind blown

  21. Joe Stuart says:

    Great content Alex, the last 2 shots were epic monsters. Thanks for a great year in 2021. Happy New Year, all the best for 2022.

  22. So 2 irons are in hardly any bags and all of a sudden content comes out with 2 irons? Dang marketing is wild.

  23. Mark Walker says:

    One of the most entertaining utubers

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