Relax Your Arms & Hands To Never Rush Your Downswing Again #shorts #golfswing #golf #ericcogorno


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11 Replies to “Relax Your Arms & Hands To Never Rush Your Downswing Again #shorts #golfswing #golf #ericcogorno”

  1. Randy Smith says:

    Hey Eric, very good video. This question may be redundant, how about the wrists? Loosey-goosey or use them to give a little extra push?

  2. KMurf says:

    Hey Eric, could be one of the most important feels in the golf swing, no tention at the joints that give you most of the speed in the swing, you know who comes to mind and is pretty obvious Justin Thomas , shakes his arms out before every setup! For his size could be one of the longest hitters on tour! Thanks Eric appreciate the Tips!

  3. one of the oldest advises , 'noodle arms and hands '

  4. Boo Berry says:

    I feel like not enough YT coaches / instructors talk about this stuff. Tension, grip pressure, balance, etc. are all CRUCIAL to a proper swing sequence. If just once component is off, it doesn't work. Likewise, if they're all present and in synch, it's hard to swing poorly.

  5. If you do nothing else, this is the 1st law of golf. Loose, relaxed arms…i would say bent elbows and like he says grip can be a touch firmer. Breathing also like ge says is VERY important. I honestly wish he didn't spill the beans here. Might be the best, most important 20 second video on golf ever created. But no one watching this will really get it ir stick with it. Shot my 1st 2 rounds in the 60s using this.

  6. Junior1986 says:

    Hey hey hey no need to throw shade at the champion golf of the year

  7. Best advice you can give in my opinion – thanks Eric – until i did this am other advice was wasted 🙏

  8. Adam Barraza says:

    I can’t loosen my hands like you explain if I do that. My hands release too soon flicking forward. Causing slices 😢

  9. Loose arms. Loose arms. Swing and tighten up.. damn.. I'll have to work on this

  10. Ethan G. says:

    Feel like I have to tighten at the elbow otherwise my left elbow bends in the backswing.

  11. Lance Manyon says:

    Great tip again Eric. It’s amazing when things are not going well we can compound it by getting tense and gripping too tightly and creating a rigid swing and the ball not going as far.

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