This is What 9 Handicap Golf Looks Like



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37 Replies to “This is What 9 Handicap Golf Looks Like”

  1. My friends and I played Nikanti a few weeks ago. What a course. I can argue – hands down, the best golf experience I've ever had.

  2. roidAholic says:

    hey playa do you reside in asia? you golf there quite often. nice swings

  3. Eddie Banks says:

    Eeyy Yaah. Wadda Baoss.

  4. davefiver says:

    9 handicap golf looks like a sexual demon making birdies and taking names

  5. Great round… but the real highlight is the sneak mustache cameos! Just, wowwee!

  6. Simon Davis says:

    Those Takomo irons sound so good!!

  7. David Schoen says:

    if this is 9 hndcp golf, I'll never be a single-digit. 😅

  8. gfed21 says:

    I played this course a couple weeks ago. Wasn't able to take driver on pretty much all of the holes. I think I hit it twice and on one of the par 4s with the big tree in the middle I had to hit a 7 iron off the tee. Great course and I hope to bump into masterplaya on the course in thailand one day 😀

  9. Hi good sir, 7 months into golf finally breaking 100 today!!! Thanks to you!! Hopefully breaking 90 soon!!!

    Keep up the good work playa!

  10. Many years till I become your subscriber, and finally noticed the progress of the blue bar in your logo/side-bar. Do you do this by hand? Waddawork!

  11. That playa has one serious stash!! Good golf Matt.

  12. Thanks Matt, was yr playing partner an Aussie? Sounded like??

  13. DocWilly77 says:

    With no commentary, this video reminds me of your first video with just text. No joke, that video completely changed my golf game and I’ve been watching ever since.

  14. dave says:

    I was excited for the 48 in my new set to finally bridge that 120yd gap, and here you are hitting 90yd flop shots with it 🙃

  15. 8 iron 176 yards – what are you eating these days bro?

  16. Thien N. says:

    For the shot at 7:00, how come you didn't drop by the water? Does the rule require you to hit where you are?

  17. I thought you were below a 9?

  18. TDUB ___ says:

    Halfway through this video I'm assuming there is either a major blowup coming… or more likely he meant to type "0 handicap golf" in the title! 😂

  19. BK Fishing says:

    The audio is relaxing while I'm driving. Like waves and whale songs.

  20. Flanker Jack says:

    Very nice video. Well played

  21. Sam McCamey says:

    Yassss True Linkswear

  22. B.Right says:

    Boys weekend in Bangkok planned for two weeks ago and when we went to confirm Nikanti booking we were informed the course was closed that week for coring the greens. Devastated. We were happy to play Suwan instead but now will have to make another trip to Bangkok – really seems like a must play.

  23. Gee Mac72 says:

    Looks like you're playing with a young Elliott Gould…or Gene Shalit.

  24. I missed breaking 100 by one stroke 😔

  25. jon Q says:

    Must be nice. I'll never have the funds to be able to play there… vicariously experiencing only.

  26. Dustin Reed says:

    is your partner in the Playa Protection Program?

  27. Dustin Reed says:

    very cool and calm video, Matt. Love it!

  28. No way he’s playing blues. Needs to move back. His distance is too long. Not even a challenge for him

  29. Jack Kinoff says:

    Was in Thailand over Songkran

    Wanted to play here but they were coring the greens so gave it a miss

    Next time though

  30. Marti Bell says:

    They’re idiots. Even if that community has started boycotting as well, look at how the sales dropped before they boycotted. That shows all evidence of where their customer base was and they have ruined it. I think people are smart enough to not go back even after some time. We have got to stand up and put our hard earned money else where and stop letting these companies shove this crap down our throats. People watch sports, drink beer, whatever it may be to get away from all the day to day crap and BS you hear on the news. Beer shouldn’t be political nor should sports.

  31. Might be a hot take but no commentary asmr golf sidekick might just be my favorite.

  32. Nice relaxing video from a beautiful course. You hit some awesome drives as well – love that sound of crisp contact that one can appreciate without the music – kudos for those. The main takeaway I got from this was how many times you were in position for birdie and still shot that 77. In other words, how well a 9 handicap player plays compared to us duffers!😂

  33. Love the course! Great video

  34. Correction: “what a 3hc playing to a 9hc looks like”

  35. Sp 76 says:

    Great Content love your videos always top notch…… Play off 11, shot a 77 yesterday off the back tips to win the spring medal and my first one in ten years of playing golf….. Interestingly the night before I intentionally wrote out my scores on a blank score card and then I went out and just played the next morning no swing thoughts just commitment to each shot and always picked a target, I ended up been one shot away from what I had written down the night before……. In the last year I have achieved all my goals I have written in golf getting to single figures, winning a club medal, and breaking 80 which I've done 4 times now. I believe anyone can do it with average skill which is what I have

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