This Is What Shooting 58 In A Professional Golf Tournament Looks Like

This Is What Shooting 58 In A Professional Golf Tournament Looks Like

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34 Replies to “This Is What Shooting 58 In A Professional Golf Tournament Looks Like”

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  2. All the glory to God

  3. EV MOLLET says:

    Briljant!!! All credits tot you!!!

  4. The record is 63 at Augusta. I imagine someone is gonna do this one year, not shoot 59, but 58 and the roof is gonna blow on that place

  5. e1977k says:

    Happy for you. What a round!


  7. xDaRkCRoWxTV says:

    The rain wasn't rain son… It was your dads tears enjoying that moment.

  8. As long as LIV and the PGA tour never institute PED testing! Congrats!!

  9. Ryan A says:

    That commentator sounds like he's hiding a Malaysian Airlines plane in his mouth while he's talking 😅

  10. bryson be carrying the team

  11. Bud Man says:

    This was an absolutely incredible round. So amazing. I'm super happy for the guy too. Bryson is a great dude.
    Just imagine if he drops one of those multiple putts that barely lipped out too, dam. Being on the books for one of the only people ever to post a 58 is still so wonderful

  12. Narcissist. Sell out. PGA Destroyer.

  13. Furik didn't do it in the rain like Bryson.

  14. Craig B says:

    I've just paid 95 quid for a ticket for 2024 Open at Royal Troon. Will definitely be following Bryson.

  15. young pug says:

    good golfer and a good guy deadly combo beyond excited to watch this mans journey.

  16. When Bryson is on top form he can pummel a golf course into submission. Some of his drives make even "long" par 4s look like a joke. A really remarkable round of golf.

  17. MDTRAIN says:

    “You’re Dad just passed away…Do you miss him?”. “Do you wish he wasn’t dead?”. “Do you wish he was still alive?”
    Most media are a bunch of f-ing idiots.

  18. BOBBY DAVIS says:

    This goes out to all the fake ass PGA fans since the beginning FUK LIV!!

  19. Jaco333 says:

    What a round of golf! That Bunker shot was probably the best.

  20. Alex Sagal says:

    Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago.

  21. L. KA. says:

    greatings from Switzerland

  22. Who cares. Another easy LIV course

  23. i don't play golf, but dayum!

  24. Dustin McCoy says:

    Using all his mathematical voodoo

  25. Racer14 GLR says:

    Unbelievable! Beyond outstanding round BD!!

  26. Justin Shew says:

    Simply amazing!! You are an incredible person and golfer!!

  27. Did he use a krank driver? If so, which one?

  28. Insane! Congrats Bryson 🥇

  29. jim juhlke says:

    Absolutely B.A.D.

  30. Paul Hofman says:

    That shitty reporter milking the extra emotional tears for extra drama by bringing up the personal grieve of losing his father. I deeply resent that pseudojournalist mentality. "Don't do that", twice, and then still doing that. What a pr*ck reporter.

  31. Tom Reidy says:

    Incredible person and an incredible round of golf

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