This SILLY Takeaway Mistake is COSTING YOU 13 SHOTS on the Course!

This is costing you at least 13 shots on the golf course! You must control the club face and this is causing you to duff iron shots and the reason why you aren’t hitting as many greens! This simple golf tip and golf drill will get you squaring the club face, striking your irons pure! You will hit the golf ball better and become more accurate when striking the golf ball. You will make better contact with the golf ball!

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This Takeaway Mistake is COSTING YOU 13 SHOTS on the Course! I have done a lot of research on this, you should NOT get the toe up with your iron, this is honestly costing you so many shots, you will roll your wrists and fail to make good contact with the golf ball. This tip works for both your iron and driver so if you are a golfer thinking, how to strike your irons pure, how to square the cub face, how to strike your iron like a tour pro, iron tips, driver tips, golf tips for irons, golf tips for driver, simple golf tip, then this video is for you.

This SILLY Takeaway Mistake is COSTING YOU 13 SHOTS on the Course!
This golf drill will work no matter your age or ability! If you are a beginner golfer, senior golfer, mid handicap golfer, high handicap golfer, this simple golf tip will work for you.

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This simple golf tip is going to answer these 3 questions which are going to help you add up to 29 yards to your driver, hit your driver longer, hit your driver straighter and so much more! The elbow plays a huge part in adding distance with your driver and all of this is going to be explained to you in todays golf driver tip by Alex Elliott Golf. Alex Elliott Golf is a PGA golf professional and Top 50 world coach!

In this video I’ll show you 3 keys that will allow you to become more consistent & efficient in your golf swing with driver.

Often I see amateur golfers be very inefficient with their strike with driver. This can cause them to slice the driver to hook the driver. By squaring the clubface and rotating better in the golf swing you will find yourself adding a lot of distance with your driver.

This is a must watch video for golfers of any level who are serious about improving their swing with driver and adding distance!

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45 Replies to “This SILLY Takeaway Mistake is COSTING YOU 13 SHOTS on the Course!”

  1. copy the pros and get the start of the swing dialled in!

  2. Brett Butler says:

    Love the slow mo's

  3. Excellent advice and understanding. Cheers Alex.

  4. Grossie One says:

    Please, please clean your camera’s sensor!! Be gone, damned black spots!

  5. Alex-yesterday I used this drill to keep the face of my iron square, left my wrists in neutral, and consistently hit the best irons of my life. Straighter and longer, and my 8 iron was on fire!
    ADDITIONALLY, and most importantly, I totally changed my approach to driver to mat h your video showing ball a club head back, feet repositioned, slight turn in of club face and right foot shoe laces behind left foot toe. I hit the majority of fairways, was only slightly off when I missed, lost no balls on drives, AND, FINALLY BROKE 90. I shot 87!!!
    Your coaching has been invaluable to my improvement. Low 80's are coming.
    THANK YOU!!!

  6. B Michael says:

    Alex, I am "subscribed" but I'm not getting your tips. (I go on-line and look for you). Any ideas?

  7. This is GOLD. When i was 16 i to a lesson and he told me exactly what you said, toe up. Literally, last week, i played with a club pro. His first comment to me? "Why are you rolling your wrists?" That one lesson screwed me up for 40 years! Thank you!

  8. Love it. Love it. Love it. I have a huge miss right and I think focusing on this method will square me back up. Thank you!

  9. Mike Rodrick says:

    Hi Alex; Is it not true that if the left wrist, for right-handers, is flat & not allowed to be cupped anywhere in the swing, the face, with proper body rotation will be square at impact? I've found that with my neutral grip, if I keep my top hand thumb on top of the shaft as it is when the club is parallel to the ground on the backswing at hip high, my wrist will be flat & the face matches your spine angle. Not allowing cupping is the key.

  10. Hey Alex, great channel. Was wondering if you could do a video on ball striking incorporating shaft-lean AND release. Working on shaft-lean, but I think I'm sacrificing speed on release. Thanks.

  11. Billie Bob says:

    I was given this drill years ago in one of my first lessons. It was a game changer then.

  12. Shane Powell says:

    This is great alex.keeping it simple is what you do best.can’t ask for better advice👏👏

  13. Great tip from the best coach on YouTube by a country mile. He Keeps it simple & short. ❤

  14. my miss with my irons is to the right- I am consciously trying to take back with a square club face but it is probably still open. I will try to exaggerate and feel like the face is closed going back.

  15. Neil Daines says:

    Hi Alex, could you help me? I believe I am aiming straight but the ball always seem to go right to a greater or lesser extent, the ball flight is straight and not a big arc.

  16. David Puhl says:

    🤠Stunning results thank you from 🇨🇦

  17. Jose Heredia says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’ve learned quite a bit. I have a question. I’m so inconsistent with my driver but what I’m most concerned with and I can’t figure out why, is my spin rate. If I fade the ball my spin rate with my driver is in between 2700 and 3000. But if I draw, my spin rate averages between 800 and 1200. Any ideas?

  18. Jeff Nahass says:

    Toe up is shankapottomus. This is my issue.

  19. James says:

    Always great to see new, simple, short, yet very effective tips.

    Please don’t ever change, Alex🙏

    You’re bound to get even bigger and we love the way you interact with us and listen to our questions. Most Youtubers don’t reply to their subscribers anymore. Maybe it’s because they got too busy, too big? You, on the other hand, makes us all feel like we are a part of your videos.

    More power and thank you again!

  20. Guy Fiore II says:

    I love that vest youre wearing. Where can I get one?!

  21. Joe Torres says:

    Alex thank you for sharing your passion for golf with us. Such simple instructions explained in very easy to understand. Thanks again

  22. Ken Brown says:

    Yesterday I found two new problems. choosing too much club for the forced carries, and having my ball disappear into the distance on my drives. of course, the one where I needed a 280 yard carry, I got the yips on. but thanks to these videos, I don't pull out my driver unless I've got that kind of distance to drive it, now. sadly, Devil's Dogleg, at my local course, put the nail in the coffin on my's brutally unforgiving.

  23. Great analysis Alex on "takeaway mistakes" with one's clubface. I am of the generation that was taught "toe up on the backswing to toe up on the follow through." Now, I try , but don't always succeed, in having the clubface looking down on the golf ball on my takeaway. It's certainly a lot easier than to do all of the manipulations one had to perform before. Now, all we have to think about is "square to square." No forearm manipulations. Good Job Alex!

  24. Give your lens a wipe😊

  25. Tony Veto says:

    Always great tutorials !
    Cheers from Detroit 🇺🇲

  26. Great video once more Alex. Can’t wait to try it. Big thanks.

  27. Ken Lynch says:


  28. Brian Starr says:

    Such a very simple way in which to remember the club face position during the back swing. Well done Alex.

  29. Beryl Wright says:

    this is really good, thanks

  30. Alan Goudie says:

    Thank you for a clear, helpful video.
    I will give it a try.
    Advice seems sound & fairly easy to do.

  31. Camera sensors still a riot! 😁

  32. Chris Payne says:

    Alex you are reading my mind… playing my best golf and spraying the 8-7 irons to the right or fluffing them… only 1 out of 3 go straight… so I not controlling the club face..

    I take this to the course tomorrow… below 90 🤞🤞🤞👍🏻

  33. Kev Alderson says:

    That’s class… thank you 🙏

  34. Paul Evans says:

    Geat video! Any tips for grip size. Having trouble with driver grip but my new 4 iron i love the grip size of it. Should i change driver to the 4 iron size? It seems just a tad bigger

  35. This is hands down one of your best videos Alex. I find myself talking about this with my girls team that I coach all of the time! Thank you!

  36. Thanks Alex you're a true legend!

  37. gcoffey223 says:

    I liked 1 and 3, set and forget

  38. gcoffey223 says:

    Got a round I. About an hour and a half. Gonna try some of this

  39. I had a coaching session this week and i was controlling my wrists and take away, I dropped 18 shots on my last outing as a result

  40. Nice very nice 👍

  41. Sidney Ko says:

    ❤thanks for the top instructions 👍

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