NEVER DUFF A Chip If You Follow These Steps

Hey Guys!
I’m so excited to bring you this video today. Let’s face it, we’ve all encountered challenges with our short game on the golf course at some point. In this video, I’m thrilled to share my top 5 tips, which have received exceptional feedback from the numerous students I’ve had the privilege of coaching over my two decades of experience.

It’s important to note that these tips can apply to all golfers, so no matter your handicap, you’re bound to find valuable insights here. Even if you believe your short game is already polished, I encourage you to give this video a watch, I guarantee there is something in here for everyone 😀

Be sure to stick around until the end of the video, as I’ll be revealing what I like to call the “hidden fault.” This tip is the most important, as it addresses an aspect that often goes unnoticed despite its crucial role.

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00:00 Introduction
00:29 Share The Love
03:00 Set up For Success
07:10 Wrists Are Not Your Enemy
09:21 Up And In
11:38 The Hidden Fault


12 Replies to “NEVER DUFF A Chip If You Follow These Steps”

  1. Love Tip 5 👍 🙏👌👊👏

  2. Tip #4 is excellent. My thought is left hand to left pocket, to stop me rolling the club inside too much. I have also $hanked chips like you did, when rolling the club inside. 😂

  3. Guy Whittern says:

    Great tips thanks Chris. Tip no 5 comes from gaining confidence using the other tips that you can hit the ground and correctly use the bounce on the club to not duff or thin it.

  4. Great tips, Chris! Thanks for including one on correct swing path (up and in). That’s often missed in instructional videos. I have a question about hitting the ground with the bounce — are you rotating the handle ever so slightly for that to happen?

  5. Sasa Humski says:

    Hi Chris, good looking jacket, what brand is that??

  6. Alan Veit says:

    Awesome! Great tips. I’ve been having a few chipping issues. These are great tips. Thanks for all you do for us hackers.😂

  7. Socks says:

    You’re a legend!

  8. I watch a lot of YouTube golf videos & even paid for some online lessons (George Gankas and wasted my money) but yours r the best buddy.

  9. Hi Chris, I really enjoyed this and your Short Game (Pitching) program! Will you do a Part 2 on Chipping and Bunkers? Good holidays!

  10. Ingo Sprick says:

    Great video Chris! 🙏🏻

  11. KeithyGadget says:

    I presume this doesn’t include drivers or tee’d up balls?

  12. mahki80 says:

    Golf is so hard 😢

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