This SM64 hack lets you play with a dog

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Edited by: Matt & Nolan (@PowerPalette)

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32 Replies to “This SM64 hack lets you play with a dog”

  1. SimpleFlips says:

    Follow me to catch more streams like this!

  2. "Ugh"
    All im gonna say. (Did anyone notice the refrence?) 18:18

  3. EpochFlame says:

    this is a very beautiful doghack

  4. Merp TheShow says:

    What an awesome hack. Watching this made me feel all fuzzy inside.

  5. He is our streamer, how does he do these things

  6. Joegurt says:

    The water chill level has got to be my favorite level in any hack Simple has played

  7. watching your competitions are the only romhack experience I have so I'd love your personal top 10 list!

  8. Dade! says:

    Im so glad youre streaming again, I cant catch them frequently but my fav videos were always you on twitch. other than walkies of course

  9. Green screen stream 🙁 sadge bois

  10. CastingFlare says:

    I saw a game on steam that had mario 64 schmoovement called Psuedoregalia. Chance simple checks it out? 🙂

  11. 11:20 you can watch Simple look at chat for the exact amount of time necessary to miss that.. def trolling

  12. TheTeddyD says:

    Rovert made this?


  13. Fistacuff12 says:

    SIMPLE BEING VISIBLY LIGHTER IS SO EPIC! Keep up the great work dad! you are killing it both healthwise and contentwise!

  14. OjamaPurble says:

    My favorite part was when you had to BEAT the dog…

    …at soccer

  15. 11:22 this is why I watch Simpleflips. an honest mistake about looking away that turns into self-doubt and then realizing he messed up and laughing it off. then IMMEDIATELY looking away AGAIN and missing the COOLEST THING TO EVER EXIST. absolutely mind-blowingly hilarious content

  16. Kawa says:

    why did end screen have bgs

  17. LordKiron says:

    Not enough DawgFinders menacingly running towards the screen. The public demands seconds.

  18. If Simple hadn't mentioned anything about Matt doing the DawgFinder sound effects I would've just assumed it was unedited audio of the game, that's how immersed I was.

  19. Far3288 says:

    the glizzy community was in remiss, they had never seen simpleflips glazz like this

  20. NIMPAK1 says:

    I did myself the honour of actually PLAYING the game before actually commenting on it. Outside of the tank boss, it was really solid imo.

    I consider myself an intermediate player (i.e. some who has played through vanilla a few times and beaten a few Star Revenge hacks, but never did speedruns or kaizo hacks) and I think there are a few platforming challenges in World 2 onward that I imagine noobs would have a really hard time on. Granted, I think I was also getting input lag, which makes some moves like triple jumps and wall kicks feel almost like rng. I think in order to make a completely noob-friendly hack, you have to mitigate a lot timing-based inputs and challenges and if also don't want skilled players to get bored, integrate optional shortcuts that are more risky. Obviously some players are also going to find some things harder than others, so routes ahoy.

    Also make sure to make things as visually apparent as possible. There are too many romhacks (including this one) where the route to star 1 is behind the player. Also never EVER have tiny gaps that just look like a straight path from far away. I hate that.

    Though one thing I this this hack has been consistently good in is avoiding ramps of ambiguous slipperyness. Some Star Revenge and especially Kaze hacks are notorious for having surprise slippery ramps. Usually all the ramps here are sticky, unless it's a literal ice ramp and even then the ice wasn't that bad.

  21. Dave Bee says:

    That water was beautiful.

  22. SmithyLK says:

    12:00 it's a good day when simple shows you a completely new voice that you've never heard before

  23. AliCat says:

    Bowser's Dog Dig Adventure

  24. 25:32 SimpleFlips: Adult Video Star

  25. mars! says:

    everyone talking about how funny it is that simple looks away as bowser is snowboarding but i thought his scream in reaction to going back and watching the cutscene was REALLY good hes in genuine shock

  26. BreadBoi says:

    Simple missing a star that was right next to him and then missing the coolest cutscene in the whole game right after is great writing, love this show

  27. HazMat says:

    I wasn't prepared to hear an sm64 rendition of UGH, but I guess it makes sense because its literally a tankman

  28. Finally, a true spiritual successor to the hit playstation game Dogchild.

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