Titleist T-100 2023 90mph Robot Review

Iron reviews still to come:
PXG 0317 ST
PXG 0317 CB

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Check out Cool Clubs’ independent club review using data from their in-house robot ‘Pepper’.

More reviews to come on drivers, shafts, irons, and eventually woods and hybrids… Stay Tuned!

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10 Replies to “Titleist T-100 2023 90mph Robot Review”

  1. SD Golf Guy says:

    Interesting to see this, you could argue that its got a bit of a wider dispersion from the last T100s at this speed. But definitely a little more forgivenes on the low shots. Nice to see.

  2. Joe Lane says:

    Please do the T 150 at 90 mph!!

  3. Well done fellas. Appreciate the 90 test and updated take on its performance. 👍🏼

  4. Awesome!

    So basically the miura TC-201 takes the T100 to the cleaners?

  5. J Wild says:

    What is the difference of 350 and 365 in spin launch? Is that 100 rpm’s of spin on average? Is that 650rpms of spin etc?

    All of these tour style irons tested with the exact same actual measured loft and shaft? Not just what the company claims on loft?

  6. can you do the T200 at 90 mph?

  7. Kyle Driesse says:

    Thank you for listening to us! Now for 100 and 110 mph driver tests with wider spaced miss hit impact locations 😎

  8. Thanks for the players level speed test for the T100! I recall you all discussing doing this with drivers also but I haven’t seen it yet (or missed it!). Interested in the TSR3 performance for ~110mph swings (or whatever ever you deem an average faster players swing speed).

  9. Alex Hooper says:

    Loving this channel. Thanks for giving the fans what they want!

  10. Eric Scifres says:

    This is the viewer feedback episode. Thanks guys. Still don't understand why a 6'6" 20 handicapper who swings 85mph would want a distance club with higher dispersion but appriciate that you guys are listening.

    Thanks to this channel he got fit at cool clubs by Claire into a Mizuno JPX 923 forged and loves them.

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