Lethal Shooter on Being a Celebrity Trainer, The NBA, Training Business, AAU Basketball, & Haters

Join us in this exclusive interview with the renowned Lethal Shooter, a name synonymous with elite basketball training and sharpshooting. Dive into his compelling journey growing up in DC, his experiences in AAU basketball, and his dreams that were unfulfilled in the NBA. Discover how he skyrocketed to fame on social media and leveraged his unique mindset to become a celebrity trainer, working closely with NBA stars and even venturing into training rappers.

Lethal Shooter opens up about his endorsement deals, partnering with iconic brands like Jordan and PlayStation, and how he crafted a lucrative business out of basketball training. He also reveals his top 5 shooters of all time, shares his secret workout tips, and talks candidly about dealing with negativity online. Plus, don’t miss the exciting details of how he broke a shooting record!

This insightful conversation is packed with inspiration and wisdom for aspiring athletes, coaches, and anyone with a passion for the game. Tune in to learn from one of the best in the business and subscribe for more exclusive content! #LethalShooter #basketball #training #nba


34 Replies to “Lethal Shooter on Being a Celebrity Trainer, The NBA, Training Business, AAU Basketball, & Haters”

  1. I'm blessed! $60,000 every month. I can now give back to the locals in my community and also support God's work and the church, God bless America

  2. NXTTraining says:

    This man is special 🫡🙏🏾 hard working

  3. Such a great interview 🙌🏾🙌🏾 thanks gentlemen

  4. I am surprised the NBA hasn't 'given him a month's contract at least.

  5. Corey says:

    Mane these dudes financial & business advice is undefeated but when Rashal starts talkin about anything else he makes a fool of himself. He already a self proclaimed fashionista & he DO NOT put that shit on AT ALL 😂 & anytime he speaks on hip hop he proves he knows absolutely nothing about that subject outside of New York & now Damian “Logo Lillard” the man who can shoot deeper than curry & does it more than curry his entire career is not an all time shooter ? Mane he gotta stop making a fool of himself. Take lethal shooter advice & just go with what you know 😂

  6. Content aside.. because that’s always amazing & insightful.. these visuals looks really good.

    Keep leveling up 🙌🏽

  7. This administration putting so many families into difficult situations I feel sympathy and empathy for our country low income people are suffering to survive! I appreciate Zelinda, Imagine investing $1,500 and receiving $11,650 in 3days

  8. This has to be the best EYL interview ever. And that is a really high bar. You have to respect Lethal shooter for his wisdom and approach to LIFE even if you are not a baller.

  9. Get Oliver Davis or Rischad Whitfield on the podcast for football trainers

  10. ceaser124 says:

    Man what an incredible inspiring story. This man embodies the meaning of hard work and dedication.

  11. Del Jackson says:

    I agree w everything except for the weights ! Of course they lifting heavy just in periodization ! Needs anatomy class too ! Great vid

  12. Dope interview. I remember seeing his name on the minor league circuit later in his career putting up 70 a game. Dude was legit on the court.

    Such an inspiration for all youth on how to make a career around the game without making it to the league. Thanks EYL for giving him a spotlight on your platform.

  13. 🔥 interview. This man does what all greats have done. Take the life you live and use the lessons you learn to your advantage: 1 thing I've learned, find your greatness and execute on that. Don’t try to do it all at once.

  14. Djohns Live says:

    Ron Curry is from Hampton, VA (757)

  15. Skydexx says:

    Klay for sho!!!!!

  16. Skydexx says:

    The medical memes need to go hard for the way the botched😂 body parts lol

  17. Corey says:

    Rashal disrespected THE FUCK outta Dame you can tell he knows nothing about basketball. He got way more range than Curry & was doing it before Curry & as long as Curry if curry didn’t exist he’ll be the best shooter ever bc of how he do it . That dude wrong every time he speak on hip hop & now sports 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

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  27. David Coira says:

    By far one of the best interviews so far con EYL. That’s a tough thing to say with all the great interactions these men have had on the channel. Extremely, impressed at his dedication (specially after getting to know a lil about his childhood at the end) and his sense of morals & ethics while being a teacher of the game is just admirable. Damn! 🔥Yall always hit the spot with these episodes man. Love it. 🫶🏽

  28. JAYLEN says:

    When serving others you need to ensure your mental is on point

  29. rmperez529 says:

    Whoo great interview EYL!🙌🏾👏🏾

  30. Been following Lethal Shooter for years now. Nice to hear his back story! Dude is a great speaker, great interview!

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