Titleist TSR3 Driver Robot Review

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5 Replies to “Titleist TSR3 Driver Robot Review”

  1. Paul Stewart says:

    I have the TSi3, and it replaced a G425 LST. It's an unbelievable club. The TSR3 was just a little harder feeling off the face for me, and hitting 100 shots each with the same shaft, the difference was negligible to warrant the extra money. The Ping was so annoying out the toe, and just pushed left out the heel, but the TSi3 creates a lovely fade out the heel, and just straight out the toe for me, so a winner.

  2. noone says:

    I hope when you test the 4 you will move the weight and test both front and rear positions. Thanks!

  3. This review kinda irks me. I went to 3 major fitting places here in the US and was told by all 3 that they weren't going to include the TSR3 in my clubs to be fitted for because you needed 110 mph clubhead speed and more or else it would cost me lots of distance. All 3 said since I was in the 98-101 mph club that the TSR2 is really the only option for me. This data you posted suggests otherwise.

  4. Bryan Kim says:

    Tsr3 is really amazing. Ive never felt more confident off the tee box

  5. Would love to see the Tsr2+ review. Apparently very straight but doesn't feel that great. Can''t find a LH model to try.

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