Top 5 Drivers of 2019 | Most Wanted

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The Top 5:
Callaway Epic Flash SubZero:
Cobra King F9 Speedback:
Taylormade M6:
PXG 0811 XF:
TourEdge Exotics EXS:

Join the MyGolfSpy staff as they discuss their thoughts and what our testers had to say about this years best performing drivers.

2019 Most Wanted Driver – “The World’s Largest Unbiased Head-To-Head Driver Test.” If you are in the market for a driver in 2019, this test is for you. MyGolfSpy accepts $0 advertising dollars from any of the major golf manufacturers. We believe in always putting #ConsumerFirst.

Check out the results here:

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The Top 5:
Callaway Epic Flash SubZero:
Cobra King F9 Speedback:
Taylormade M6:
PXG 0811 XF:
TourEdge Exotics EXS:


41 Replies to “Top 5 Drivers of 2019 | Most Wanted”

  1. Would love to win the driver, can't remember winning any thing.

  2. Chris T says:

    The m6 is my favorite but these guys spent more time trashing it than explaining the hitting experience of it.
    I would’ve liked to hear about forgiveness and dispersion etc. I’m not into tour edge or pingy epic flash or pxg. But all time spent talking about those = Lame Review

  3. Just got to see this. I am really glad I have the Ping G 410 SFT in my bag!!!! Tightest dispersion! I love that lol. Spider Dubiel

  4. You guys talked about the materials and technology behind every driver except the Tour Edge. You talked more about their old drivers and woods than you did their brand new one.

  5. Ian Shepherd says:

    would love a mav!

  6. James Boyce says:

    The epic flash sub zero hit like a giant turd for me, that being said, it was the best for me as well, but i still hit my Burner superfast 2.0 further and straiter, finally upgraded this year to the M2 2017 first driver in years i tried that i hit as strait and further than what i already had.

  7. Reggie Salad says:

    Another great video. I'm hitting a Titliest 913 and its time for a new driver.

  8. I'm probably in the minority but, the F8 was far better in feel, looks and control than the F9. Still an amazing underrated driver but, the the F8 was better than the F9

  9. Alan Burch says:

    I have the rogue, would love the flash! 🙏🏻☘️⛳️😍🤘

  10. Tim N says:

    The M6 was the straightest driver I’ve ever hit.

  11. Glad you’re going to add past winners! My biggest thing I’d like to see! Good job MGS!!

  12. I will take the Ping G 410 Plus driver myself. Love it. Even death might not be able to pry it from my hands. 🙂 Spider Dubiel P.S. Good review guys.

  13. David Oh says:

    I don't understand the discussion about sound. If a driver performs well for you, what difference does sound make? I'll take a 280 fairway from a driver that makes a loud farting sound. Looks, I understand because it's about feeling before the swing. Sound is something after the swing. Makes no difference in performance.

  14. As a new golfer I really enjoy the tests and science that you guys break down in your videos.

  15. David Stahl says:

    Take the Shot 😉


  17. Still playing my Ping G20 driver. It will be the next retired club. Maybe

  18. Tigger Woods says:

    Awesome content, guys, as usual.

  19. Chef Chefton says:

    Adam some constructive criticism – no one wants to watch this video having you spread eagle on a couch. Get a desk or put a blanket over your crotch if you can’t sit like a normal dude 👎🏻👎🏻

  20. Parski says:

    As always, great analysis, easy to understand. Love the new categorization. But answer the big question: Are the improvements in the 2019 models WORTH replacing the new driver I bought LAST year?

  21. Dan Sapp says:

    love the content

  22. Michel Stax says:

    I like your vidéos Guy's thanks for the informations.Michel from Montréal

  23. Great content and comments, tried the original Callaway Epic but dispersion wasn’t that good. I’ve recently tried the Epic Flash and Cobra F9 based on YouTubers comments both great drivers, decision time do I swap my Titleist TS3 which is also a awesome driver!

  24. Aaron Raine says:

    Great video as always!

  25. Love the video. Please enter me in he drawing for the new Epic Flash SubZero.

  26. Don Dasher says:

    Great job as always. I like the idea of comparing the best drivers from all manufacturers but I would love to see you take a manufacturer and rate each of their drivers over a 5 year period. Taylormade for example….The M series. How good have they actually become? Carbon crown, twist face, injection foam and so on….what actually improved? Then do Callaway? Jail break and all their marketing claims. Ping and their Turbulators, dragon fly tech and on and on….Don’t get me wrong I’m not looking for a reason to hate, I just would like to see some compiled data presented. I love golf and tech but it can be overwhelming.
    Thanks for the work you guys put in👍🏻

  27. The problem with the new drivers is the shaft is getting longer allied to low spin these are not the sort of drivers that your average amatuer should be buying. Shorter shafts, loft and spin are the amatuer golfers friend. Putting in longer and longer shafts just to win the longest driver category with youtube testers is just a ploy to make golfers part with more money than these things are worth. And to the detriment of the average golfers game, scores and handicap.

  28. Troy H. says:

    Did a fitting last week told my fitter I was brand agnostic…. Well came out with the epic flash Sub zero. Wanted to love the f9 but the numbers didn't lie.

  29. Eagles Guru says:

    "Eliminates the entire right side of the golf course" is a complete fallacy. Pick a target and over the long run, half will fall on each side of the line. If more than half land on one side of the target, it means you're not aiming properly and don't have a full understanding of your dispersion pattern. Go look at the Shotlink data from any predominant drawer/cutter of the ball on the PGA tour and tell me they're eliminating half of the golf course — it will become quite evident that's not the case.

  30. I heard Adam today on KMOT via XM. I learned about your channel there and now I'm a subscriber. In the process of a fitting over next couple of weeks. Hope to play Palmetto Dunes courses at Hilton Head the end of the month. Your info will come in super handy.

  31. Randy Mahony says:

    Hey guys I was looking through the list of videos on your site and I didn't see a review of the Mizuno st190 or G . I saw a first look with Sam & Harry at the show but no indepth review. Did you consider the Mizuno drivers in your tests and could you please review it. THANKS. love your work!

  32. Brock says:

    The design of the epic flash makes me want to throw up im sorry

  33. Skip Perrey says:

    Guys, on the best ever 3 wood was Tour Edge CB4 which I have a collection of and have in my bag. I think this was from 5 or 8 years ago, Iove mine

  34. Very interesting I have the Cobra F7 & it’s a true fairway finder I would really appreciate the Callaway Flash to see if it’s as good as the Cobra👍

  35. Do you guys ever do year over year comparisons of a brand's comparable drivers? I see all the hype behind the new stuff and the comparisons between this year's models, but I'm interested in how something like the Flash compares to the Rogue and the Epic, or if the M5 is really better than the M1 (basically, help the consumer decide if an upgrade is worth it without going back through the fitting process). Is the test data consistent enough to make this comparison?

  36. Good insight on the drivers. And send me a sub-zero epic after you have read my comment.

  37. Mark Laucus says:

    I appreciate the work MyGolfSpy does. Helps with my buying decision.

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