Top Golf Tips for Hitting Your Driver Solid Every Time!

Do you struggle hitting your driver on the sweet spot consistently? This video will help you learn how to fix hitting the ball too low, to high and too much on the toe of the driver. I give you the best driver golf tips so you can start hitting the center of the club face more often.

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33 Replies to “Top Golf Tips for Hitting Your Driver Solid Every Time!”

  1. Love the videos brother

  2. I'm just happy if the clubface hits the ball at all……

  3. Great videos. Love watching your tutorials. I'm gonna buy you a taller tripod.

  4. I recently discovered if I put my driver outside the ball at address it forces me to come back inside and I've never drove the ball better in my life?

  5. Shane Deel says:

    I just want 180-200 and stay in play

  6. This dude is charismatic.

  7. Absolutely terrible advice , maybe decent for beginners

  8. I’m David new viewer love your videos
    Your a great golfer and instructor
    And you are helping my game a lot
    Hi 90 golfer

  9. Mr. ShortGame, you make the process so clear and understandable! All I can add is thank you!, you are an amazing teacher.

  10. Rich Beltz says:

    Thanks for this. I was trying to figure out why I was always hitting off the toe. This makes sense and is something I’m going to practice on the range.

  11. Dirk Gibbens says:

    How does standing up out of the shot result in a heel shot? When you stand up you’re farther away from the ball which should result in a toe shot

  12. I experience the same "low" ball strike points on the clubface. I'm not a tall guy (5'11") and I was looking at your video and myself standing thought that standing taller would cause me to move closer to the ball and would change my swing path into the ball. Any advice or thoughts on how you feel about this?

  13. Allan Benoit says:

    If you're hitting more towards the middle heel-ish area, what suggestions would you have? Do I just need to move back a little more in my stance?

  14. Thanks a lot Mr. ShortGame 👍🏽

  15. My old mans driver is twenty years old. Maybe I should invest in a larger faced driver. Maybe it would calm my nerves and help me strive for a greater sense of confidence. I’d love for my first drive on the first hole to be executed with a much greater degree of success. I certainly deserve a better result. With all the obsessive thought going into my game. Imagine the sacrifice, I don’t think about sex as much! Maybe golf is great for married couples.

  16. You talked me into using a powder spray. Maybe I have been afraid of the truth and likely frustration about hitting the club face with control.

  17. Vlas Gilbers says:

    I just read the golf swing strategies immediately after I received it and the next day I was at the golf field trying out the driving strategies for much longer range. I was right away taking appropriate divots with my irons, properly after solid impact. I hit ten to fifteen yards more range than the common range I have with my irons. I found this book on Google. Name is Logan Ballοyshot
    all the best

  18. James Davis says:

    Rick Shiels close to 1m subs, Matt at 157k – this makes no sense to me.

  19. John Clare says:

    My normal drive when I was getting started went one hundred fifty yards by slice. When I tried these golf swing techniques, the standard drives I hit range between 200-220 yards. Sometimes even a bit longer. Today, my handicap is sixteen when compared with when I was starting out with twenty six. Get yourself this guide today and do not miss out. I found this guidebook on Google. They call it Logan Ballοyshot

  20. Blake McCann says:

    Mr. Short Game do you in person classes

  21. April C says:

    I`ve been actively playing for 7 years and been through numerous lessons. Finding out these golf swing secrets allowed me to taken a 75 after 2 buckets. I managed to get more accustomed to many golf concepts like grip, ball position and through swing drills. My past handicap is thirteen, but now I am starting to lower it. This particular guide is superb! You can research this book on Google. Name is Logan Ballοyshot

  22. james says:

    what is the problem when I keep digging my driver into the ground I am lost!

  23. Regie McDuff says:

    Excellent information. Like to add: I'm 76. Losts lots of distance until I started lining up my driver clubhead 6-8 inchess behind ball. Got all my distance plus yards back. Why? Seems easier to get speed through the shot at maximum speed and extension. Try it and see what you think. Maybe will work for other seniors.

  24. John Herman says:

    I’m desperate Matt. I’m watching your vids from a year ago guess I can’t get enough of your instruction. Miss the rooster too! Peace out brother.

  25. el gee says:

    Matt, you’re a teaching rascal, after watching your 60 and 80 yard tips I went out and took 12 stokes off my 18 hole score without even practicing. Your tips are priceless. Big big thanks.

  26. I hit everywhere EXCEPT the middle. When there's no ball, I swing perfectly over the tee. When the ball is there, I ALWAYS miss.

  27. Kevin Murphy says:

    The Man!!!! A Golfer for the Golfer!!! Ty brother

  28. 76MUTiger says:

    Matt, this was awesome! I will start paying attention to where I'm hitting on the clubface. I don't even know! I don't know how inconsistent I am, either. I imagine improved technique will increase consistency, whereas what you're teaching here will help me move that impact point. Thanks!

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