turning birdies into bogeys! #golf #roadtoscratch

22 Replies to “turning birdies into bogeys! #golf #roadtoscratch”

  1. Mike Madman says:


  2. I love you chandler

  3. Jack Olson says:

    Eagle opportunity. Looks like one was already here😂

  4. Reyes Family says:

    Is it really chandler
    From mr beast

  5. Yolo squad says:

    someone contact ricky

  6. Landon Kilgo says:

    Bro that first shot was beautiful right along the edge of the trees. Loved that

  7. Hemijendrix says:

    This is the most accurate “good drive” unlucky ending that the scorecard doesn’t tell! 😂 😢 every golfer right here

  8. what course do you play at

  9. How come Chris couldn’t have turned out like chandler 😢

  10. CC_cocopuffs says:

    That’s what we call a birddogey it’s where u have a birdy out but end up with a bogey

  11. Cesar Alonso says:

    That’s literally me 😢

  12. That bros draw was clean as hell…

  13. Edwin Correa says:

    Chandler from MrBeast?

  14. Stephen Merz says:

    This channel rocks

  15. luke roberts says:

    So accurate it fukin hurts 🤣😭


  17. Looks like one was already here 😂

  18. Quinton Heck says:

    I’m in Charleston SC, and I will drive anywhere to golf with you. Please let me know how to get in contact

  19. Robert Alan says:

    Good thing you waited for them to clear the green.

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