Two ball scramble at the HARDEST course? | If we break par, YOU win a driver!


Join Tim for an exciting 9-hole golf challenge at the Nordcenter in Finland! If Tim can break par, one lucky viewer gets a chance to win the brand new Takomo Ignis D1 Driver. Experience Tim’s ups and downs on the course, strategy discussions, and a bit of fun along the way.

Don’t forget, Takomo Golf is hosting our biggest giveaway ever – a 2-night, 3-day stay at Pinehurst with tee times for you and a friend, and a bunch of brand new Takomo gear. It’s incredibly easy to enter, just visit or scan the QR code in the video.

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20 Replies to “Two ball scramble at the HARDEST course? | If we break par, YOU win a driver!”

  1. Joe Hudspeth says:

    Of course you are!

  2. Brian Murray says:

    Takoma has mastered doing a give away with out giving anything away😂 just give Tim a challenge. Oh well maybe next time

  3. ROB YZF says:

    how awesome! beautiful course, a d epic match

  4. Hopefully the driving iron will be available in LH. I’d love to upgrade mine but sadly most companies price the darn things like they are actual drivers. Great video. Entertaining as always.

  5. sean allen says:

    I need that driver my friend!!! Next time great effort Tim!!

  6. Erik Chance says:

    Hitting that driving iron pure!

  7. Mark Elliott says:

    That course looks the dogs . Would definitely like a trip out there to feed the fish with golf balls 😂

  8. Keith Ivory says:

    Hey Tim, you may be better off saying the opposite for the give away. You should say " If I don't go under par, I will give someone the Ignis D1"😂😂.

  9. Ron Halfman says:

    I need that Takomo x Melin hat

  10. Sorry there was no driver giveaway, but for what it's worth, I love my Ignis D1.

  11. Ron Cook says:

    You can do it! Someday!!!

  12. ndnboyrob says:

    U should have, would have could have. Oh well, there's always another track with your name on it.

  13. Rob Jung says:

    Get someone better at putting and do a scramble. Give it away. Hahaha

  14. Lexx White says:

    I'm gonna have to plan a golf trip to Finland! The courses are stunning.

  15. Brian Neary says:

    Nice course , great try. Keep up the content . Ready for the next one

  16. Kevin M says:

    Can we get a video of Sabrina giving you putting lessons? 😂 or have her try the same challenge for the giveaway.

  17. Tim that was a nice try at going under par. Beautiful course, and what a great journey. Cant wait to see the next video sir.

  18. Brian Clark says:

    Magic 8 ball said to will Tim break par: Unclear at this time: about the 3rd fairway. On the 7th tee we realize that Sabrina's Dramatic Hive Mind has taken over. 😅 Great course, +1 is a pretty good score Tim. Already have my Ignis in the bag. Keep the fun content coming Takomo!

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