Unpacking the Greatness – The Spick & Span Show – Ep 149

It has been a long week with A LOT of EXCITING events and news!! Welcome to the WORLD’S NUMBER ONE RATED LIVE PAINTBALL TALK SHOW on YouTube on TUESDAYS at 4pm. NXL President TOM COLE joins us to unpack a week with the Boy Scouts and discusses the upward trend of paintball. PLUS, are we on TV yet?

Next up on the World Tour:
Aug 5-6 – Sc Village – scvillage.com/greenspan REGISTER NOW
Aug 11-13 – AG Paintball with special live Spick & Span show broadcast.
Aug 19-20 – Black Ops Paintball
Aug 27 – Paintball 94 Paris
Sept 23-24 Germany

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6 Replies to “Unpacking the Greatness – The Spick & Span Show – Ep 149”

  1. Longbob says:

    i missed this live but i think making a 3 min limit per point but still a 15 min match would make it more entertaining

  2. I really dig the bottom banner!!! Awesome!!

  3. Ryan how do I hit you up to buy a jersey as well as Tyler ! Would love to help you and Tyler out. My boy Brayden(beast man) just got back from BKI and you both made it amazing for him.

  4. TheWiseGuy says:

    What’s wrong with Ryan’s hat, looks super wide hahaha

  5. “Either your going to score or go down in a hall of gunfire!”, yep that’s exactly the way paintball should always be played. Your definitely saving paintball! Thanks Ryan, Tom and you all for getting to the heart of the issue and for having such an honest & open type of show about the sport. Your all’s continued work to progress the sport of paintball
    is truly appreciated.

  6. You vet all the guests yet you have bear on the show 🤦‍♂️

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