Unreleased Jordan found at the Nike Outlet!!!

I had one of the best Nike Outlet shopping days ever! I found an unreleased shoe in the building, which is very rare. I also found a sold-out shoe, which is even more rare. I’m so excited about my finds, and I can’t wait to show you what I copped.

In the video, I’ll show you all of the shoes I found. I’ll also talk about how I found them and how much I paid for them. I’ll also give you some tips on how to find rare shoes at Nike Outlet stores.

So if you’re a sneakerhead or just someone who loves a good deal, then you’ll definitely want to watch this video. I’ll see you there!



📍Nike Outlet Celebration


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27 Replies to “Unreleased Jordan found at the Nike Outlet!!!”

  1. Egodynamic says:

    Hey bro that was me who returned the UNCs. Got them with a discount. Would’ve helped you out a little.

  2. M DOT says:

    Those are my 13 spider man’s. I’m dead serious 😂. My shipment got mixed up with FEDX and they ended up being returned. I called Nike and they said once they’re sold out that’s it. They told me they don’t go back to Nike warehouse.

  3. Do you have a shoe store because I've seen you buy 80 to 100 pair of shoes I would like to become a customer if so

  4. Edwin Duarte says:

    I need those off white black and white ones plz how can I get them size 11

  5. Queen Tee says:

    Bro it didn’t hit the outlet. It’s a damn return. Only local Nike stores are outlets. Cut it out man smh

  6. NBA_editz says:

    Yesterday I went to a clearance store, saw 3 dudes one with lucky greens and 2 with uncs

  7. 🎉What it do Nitty are you selling those Spider-Man 2.0 because i missed out on those and would really love to have those

  8. are you selling the unc ?if so how do i buy off you?

  9. Marcus Smith says:

    Frank, do they have any size 11 111/2 or 12s left in either the white or black?

  10. D Weston says:

    sold those spideys? thats my size

  11. Sell those UNC's to me tho that's my size 🤣

  12. Which Outlet is this? Location?

  13. MrHall53 says:

    Feast or famine

  14. Those off whites would be hard without those spikes

  15. Ian Price says:

    Frank Stop lying to the kids , I have never seen nike outlet like this since 96 . You are sponsored. maybe just florida but cali looks like famous shoes

  16. Artie says:

    I got size 12.5 on the UNC toe if you want to trade for the 10.5 bro?

  17. jhl jhl says:

    Them off whites are trash can juice

  18. Vincent Z says:

    The outsole on the spider man’s glows in the dark as well.

  19. Rick Ma says:

    Damn $70 usd for those acg mocs. I was able to get the lighter colour one for $30 cad. Thought it was a great deal. Keep up the great work. One day I'll make my way down to Orlando to check out all the nike shops.

  20. Dope pick up trying to see if they had a size 12 in that air max for $69

  21. Trin Fabian says:

    Those Off whites are trash hype be too real lol

  22. Duce22 says:

    Man them outlet is hwy robbery nowadays smh u better off getting from Boutiques these days I see

  23. Man I need those Spider-man Ones in 13 if you’re looking to sell them 👀

  24. Darren Leach says:

    Those Off-White’s look sweet on your feet. Don’t customise them.

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