Upland Development United Podcast: No.112 – 1st August

On today’s show, as always, we caught up on some crypto and Upland market news, and then ran through our co-host segments. We looked ahead to the upcoming Tokyo city and Totem/Protem releases, checked in on the Woman’s FIFA World Cup events including a QIPS on the logistical challenge that the Legits have created, and we took a look at the neighborhood development scores for the month of July. Later in the show, we were joined by special guest ArtificialArtist, who outlined his 19-month battle to get an apparently horrendous game glitch sorted out, which has locked him out of collecting upwards of 1.2M UPX worth of visitor fees! All that and more, on this the Upland Development United Podcast!

“Established in April 2021, Upland Development United is the oldest and most exclusive and transparent node development collaborative in the Upland metaverse. Contact Morecheese or BEN68 for more information. WARNING! This podcast is produced by Metaverse Ventures Entertainment and contains unsolicited and heavily biased opinions which are solely the views of the individuals involved. It does not include investment advice of any kind and you are responsible for undertaking your own financial, including tax liability research relevant to your own individual circumstances.”

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Uplando – Upland news and events

TB125 – Metaventure news and events
Dak – URL Cars and Racing Report

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Joelives & Rob (TheAgency) – ‘Drop it like it’s hot’ NFT news and events
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Samurai Aquatics and Decor
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Recorded Tuesday’s 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm UTC, the UDU Podcast is a weekly 90-minute show that is open to the public. UDU Team members and the wider Upland community get together to discuss contemporary news and topics related to NFTs, the Metaverse, Cryptocurrency, Gaming, the Upland Development United Team and of course Upland.

You can join in live to participate every week and go in the running to take your shot at the BIG WHEEL grand prize, along with other giveaways.

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Intro voice work by Dubrider. Contact him on Discord.


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  1. Me alegro de haberme metido en cripto cuando lo hice porque ha sido un punto de inflexión para mí financieramente, ha sido mi mejor decisión hasta ahora.

  2. This community with an amazing vision is awesome

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