What Tiger Woods joining the policy board means for the PGA Tour | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Golf Central crew breaks down Tiger Woods’ new position as a player director on the PGA Tour’s policy board and players such as Webb Simpson, Peter Malnati, Charley Hoffman, Kevin Streelman and Justin Thomas offer their reactions. #GolfChannel #PGATour #TigerWoods
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What Tiger Woods joining the policy board means for the PGA Tour | Golf Central | Golf Channel


30 Replies to “What Tiger Woods joining the policy board means for the PGA Tour | Golf Central | Golf Channel”

  1. Okay, the #GOATOfTheGolfWorldHasSpoken💋❤‍🔥❣⛳ Welcome Aboard, Tiger!⛳⛳⛳

  2. J Harmon says:

    Yeah, cause his ethics and morality is a benchmark for policy makers.

  3. Can the players board throw out agreement?

  4. Dave Sober says:

    Justin Thomas never sounds bright. He thinks his answers are clever, but nothing is really meaningful.

  5. Dave Sober says:

    …ain't doin it fa free. Just sayin.

  6. Kerry Thomas says:

    I believe this is the first step in Tiger ending his playing days on the Tour and still remaining connected in an important capacity that will eventually lead to his becoming Commissioner at some time in the future. A player’s advocate as commissioner as it was in the beginning with Deane Beeman would be as it should be.

  7. D E says:

    Excellent 🎉😎⛳️

  8. Bradley Shaw says:

    Tiger is GOAT#2 player, he #5609 in morals, he is yet to be proven on business accruement, and sure he has support from top tier players who he talks to. But he is only one of 6 players on the board and as stated he elected himself, no one voted for him or asked him, interesting. I also have no doubt Greg will depart on his terms as he would have planned his exit strategy when he started the LIV, and so far has outplayed PGAT, Jay, Rory, and Tiger on all aspects. Greg has upset many, always has and always will because he get things done in business. I would put 100 bucks on Tiger to beat Greg at golf in their heyday, but I would put1000 bucks on Greg to out play Tig’s on business strategy. The good thing is WE are all the winners with new and exciting golf in the future, gohardorgohome ! Brad Shaw

  9. This guy must have something on someone. 😂 how could he possibly keep his job.

  10. mark scott says:

    So long Greg Norman…

  11. Kent Snider says:

    His statement of confidence in Monahan reads like instructions on how to decorate a burnt cake. A lot of people are finding that soothing. Good luck Tiger!

  12. Now you have Tiger and Rory on that board. Love it!!!!

  13. BldgWha7 says:

    Tiger should just take over as commissioner, the players would all vote unanimously

  14. Paul J Cross says:

    Such a propaganda channel…..there is never any negative comment allowed against the PGAT….like there have not been massive mistakes made

  15. Tom Brady says:

    Free lap dances at meetings for all board members plus a vip suite? 😂

  16. …Tiger is definitely there to protect HIS business association with the PGA Tour moving forward…😏

  17. So the guy at wheel of the PGA tour is xanax king woods? Uh, LFG!!!!!. gonna be a car wreck like never before .

  18. YAY,YAY,YAY 👏👏👏👏😍

  19. Jim Iverson says:

    Tiger knows his sports-speak. I believe he just gave Monahan the dreaded "vote of confidence" like a baseball manager who is about to get fired.

  20. KING TIGGERRR!!! I am so VERY PROUD of you.(Smile) King Tiger has FORESIGHT, He is a VISIONAIRE and he is EXTREMELY BRILLIANT. The PGA chose the PERFECT man to LEAD and to GUIDE the game of GOLF in the RIGHT direction. At this critical juncture in GOLF'S history, King Tiger being THE GREATEST OF THE GREATEST GOLFERS and the BEST SPORTSMAN EVER, His EXPERTISE, LEADERSHIP and MENTORSHIP is really needed. He must commended for truly holding up the arms of PGA as a loyal member as well. Continue to take VERY GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF. God's Richest and Blessings to you and your SUPER GORGEOUS Family. (Smile) Also God's blessings to all the REMARKABLE and LOYAL members of the PGA and LPGA as well.

  21. The CHEETAH
    The players are just employees who can lose their pgat playing cards.

  22. Good thing Tiger found something to do. I don’t think the Tiger woods Driving School or Relationship Counseling was gonna work out.

  23. John Klaus says:

    I don't know Tiger, The hour is already late.

    Who were the other 5 player directors and where were they when monahan bungled this in the way that he did.

    The one thing this seems to show clearly is that australian business people are undesireable in general. See murdoch and greggy boy et al.

    Before you speak australia, take accountability. It's going to sound like so much indigestion…

    Was everyone sighing with relief when greggy was out? 😂

  24. AMIT RAY says:

    It is a very good news indeed that Tiger is in. One most important thing to remember though that unlike other sponsors of PGA, who works on market economy, responsible to shareholders for profit and loss, PIF has an immense but easy money or fund generated from oil and is responsible only to the Royal family. PIF reminds me of a slave trader buying players with that easy money and even the educated Americans have fallen for it.


  25. bryan H says:

    Hats off to jay monahan? Unreal statement.

  26. JAKE CVMA says:

    BS , he's gonna hurt more than help

  27. Lies Lies and more Lies!!!!! this is corny

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