US Presidents Play Wii Sports Resort Supercut (Part 1-6)

🔴 The presidential trio of Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Barack Obama gather together to play some Wii Sports Resort, and are later joined by special guest George W Bush! The party starts off with Table Tennis, then continues with 100-Pin Bowling, Archery, Airplane Dogfight, Swordplay Duel, and then Frisbee Golf! Enjoy all these sports one after the other in the first Wii Sports Resort Supercut of many.

00:00 – Table Tennis
10:11 – 100-Pin Bowling
19:31 – Archery
28:01 – Airplane Dogfight
43:03 – Swordplay Duel
55:18 – Frisbee Golf

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🎵 Swordplay Duel Tournament Bracket Music: Aim To Head – Resonance


🐢 Who is TOONI?
Tooni delivers top-tier presidential gaming content with the classic trio of Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Barack Obama, along with other special guests. Being the home of the 8282 Empire, Tooni has a history of video production largely revolving around tanks games such as Wii Play Tanks and Wee Tanks, among others. Now meticulously handcrafting ‘US Presidents Play’ videos using Eleven Labs AI, Tooni aims to serve up exciting and fast-paced entertainment with crafty dialogues. If AI comedy floats your boat, don’t hesitate to subscribe. I’ll keep your boat afloat.

DISCLAIMER: This video contains AI-generated voice clips of several real people. These voice clips are fabricated for the purposes of entertainment, and the depiction of these characters do not reflect their real life counterparts.

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49 Replies to “US Presidents Play Wii Sports Resort Supercut (Part 1-6)”

  1. Was that a nuke joe did in bowling???!!!

  2. the first presidents play channel that i saw barrack and trump being nice to joe for like 2 minutes straight !!

  3. Casually, spitting bars that’s crazy

  4. Joe nearly sent Don to the Brimstone Crag in that last Dogfight 😂

  5. 31:45 "Wheee, Ahhh" Joe Biden.

  6. Leafception says:

    “Kentaloopay” is that AI’s fault for that wrong pronunciation?

  7. Seek2 says:

    31:45 yeeeeeee 🙂 AAAA-

  8. I kinda wanna see them play games like Marvel vs Capcom 2 or Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  9. This whole thing is actually kinda cute with sportsmanship between them.

  10. 50:03 LMAO DON's VOICE RIGHT THERE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Fun fact the one mile of the border wall that trump built has already fallen apart 😂😂😂

  12. I love how in archery they call it a cantaloope

  13. Itz_Cheez says:

    46:45 Orange and Dementia rap.

  14. Hannah Dufoe says:

    how did you make donald's character use a shoe as a paddle in table tennis?

  15. 37:57 Terrible idea of the waterfall.

  16. Blue Mario says:

    Don’t think I forgot your videos this is just real great man thank you for making these funny presidents ai videos 😄👍

  17. Chris F says:

    33:49, 36:58 savage roasts by Obama and Biden

  18. This is a nice video on your channel. I see 3 men in the video that look like they work in the White House. Oh wait a minute, those guys are 3 of the United States Presidents that are playing video games I used to play as a kid. Seriously man? It's almost as if this Tooni guy thinks he can take videos, download them, upload them and claim them as his own when it's clearly NOT HIS CONTENT!!!! You apparently DIDN'T read YouTube's term of agreements or services when creating your channel.

  19. How long dose each video take and. But can just mention this responds to his comments and hearts them that takes a lot of time to do. :3

  20. KameWeeb says:

    That swordplay championship final was absolutely INSANE. I've never seen a tiebreaker before. Ever. And I've been playing the game since it came out on 2009.

  21. Donald Trump should say “Wii Sports has the power to transform our society and revolutionize the way we live and work. From healthcare to transportation and from education to entertainment.”

  22. Skinishana says:

    I love how their dialogue isn’t focused on insulting their families or a lot of politics. I also love how they aren’t assholes to each other. You deserve 1 mil

  23. They may insult eachother at times, but at least they have the gamer courtesy to put aside their differences and say gg

  24. 38:02 Everytime your ship crash. The missles amount will reduce by half (round up to the whole number).

  25. stinky alt says:

    kinda hoped there would be a new video

  26. Chew Zhi Bin says:

    finally something i can watch while spending my time to eat popcorns

  27. Tooni has anyone ever told you to do wii fit before?

  28. LInk02 says:

    Waiting for Showdown massacre!!!
    Donald will enjoy that a lot👍

  29. 20:45 funny he quotes his famous line during Mike Pences speech at the Cincinnati Community Charter. You would’ve never understood that line I you weren’t into politics lol

  30. Kynx says:

    Will you do basketball

  31. He Who Knows says:

    Dog faced pony soldier ha hahahaha

  32. Tyler Mack says:

    54:22 “ooohhh shit” George W Bush

  33. Tyler Mack says:

    “Ooooh shit” says George W Bush

  34. Leo 64 says:

    Literally the Most Chill AI Plays ngl, most would be toxic or slurs for no reason to the point it gets boring/irritating to listen

  35. Nice way to enter the 2 days off of work; an hour of tooni

  36. Vid vid 500 says:

    I think this compilation is a sign that the presidents will be playing Wii sports next? 🤨

  37. This is amazing. Watching all these videos together is like watching a movie. I so can’t wait for more as well

  38. 54:35 Joe Biden: UNO Reverse!!
    Donald Trump: F<BUZZ>!!! Joe let’s have peace!!
    Joe Biden: Maybe…
    Donald Trump: PSYCHE!!!

  39. Kyle Moran says:

    Hope you keep doing these, perfect mix of burns and bro moments throughout 👍

  40. Ross Mair says:

    Barack, Joe and Donald never cease to make me laugh, I love this channel.

  41. What program or website does this dude use to make the Presidents talk?

  42. What a journey it was❤❤❤

  43. MarroneHz says:

    YES, great compilation vid!

  44. Can’t wait for the next one. These are WAY too great!

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