VERDICT: Takomo 101T irons VS my Ping i525's

I tested a budget ($589) direct to consumer set of Takomo 101T irons against my premium (almost $3,000 AUD) Ping i525 irons.

Are you as shocked by the results as me?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Takomo products, visit their website: and if you’ve tried them before, let me know in the comments what you think of them!

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Cheers, Jon

Music in the video is from Sound Stripe:


9 Replies to “VERDICT: Takomo 101T irons VS my Ping i525's”

  1. kevin cranie says:

    i bought the 101 18 months ago added the gap wedge 4/gw cost Β£385 delivered love them great sound forgiving for 18 hcp
    people at golf club like the look and those who have tried them very impressed
    But our golf snobbery doesnt allow people to buy looks wise there nice too

  2. T Mo says:

    I’ve got the 101’s and as a 16 handicap, wish I’d gone with the β€œT’s” I really like my 101’s but I’m at the point where I’d prefer a smaller profile.

  3. Dale Quartey says:

    I'd want to see full 18. And the wifes reaction video of you telling her about the price difference!

  4. Keith says:

    Just changed from Ping to Takomo, just great clubs at a great price, the purchase process was not as difficult as I thought, only down size would have preferred a gap wedge to a 4 iron, but that’s me, Just a great clubπŸ‘

  5. I’ve got the i525’s and I’ve been thinking about the 101t for a long time, got to sell my pings now

  6. Good review, these clubs look good and will work for most people. Don't mind the haters lol πŸ˜…

  7. Let me guess. You just "loved" these, like every other Youtube influencer who "loved" them long enough to collect the money from Takomo. Funny thing, check back 3 videos later and you never find them in the bag of the Youtuber hawking these clubs. Well, none of them other than the 1 hack on Good Good who wouldn't know the difference in a hockey stick and a golf club. Wow, you were the one Youtuber who I never saw selling your honesty out out to become an ad man. I've unsubcribed from all the others, so it may as well be the same here.

  8. I wanna see more! But I think you convinced me to get myself a set!

  9. I would love to see more of Takomo review, like an 18 hole round. Would love to see the good and the bad.

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