Vikings camp Day 4: Lewis Cine making splash plays

Matthew Coller talks about Lewis Cine’s big day at Vikings training camp, plus we react to Danielle Hunter comments from Kevin O’Connell, a tough day for backup QBs, Justin Jefferson catching more touchdowns and talk about Jonathan Taylor’s trade request from the Colts and much more.

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8 Replies to “Vikings camp Day 4: Lewis Cine making splash plays”

  1. Cine strikes me as a learn by doing, not cerebral per se. That said, he may well get better and better all the way to pro bowl better in 2+ years.

  2. Try and figure out what we’re doing. Rebuild? Or are we still the same old Vikings ?

  3. T C says:

    Hey… I have an idea… How about Brian Grigson? How about he makes that trade. Trent Richardson anybody?

  4. Jaheim27 says:

    Cam Bynum's 2022 PFF grade was a 58.2. In my opinion, he didn't fully pass the eye test (he had his moments). If Lewis Cine continues to stack (good) days in training camp, he will become the starter next to Harrison Smith.

  5. AUSSIE VIKE says:

    Chemistry -Flores+Cine=💥 And Flores Wants Physical Game Changers! SKOL💜💛

  6. Dane Winge says:

    Hunter ain't worth the money he wants !! If he wants more money play this yr out and if he is worth it we will pay him other wise NO… it's bullshit how player hold teams hostage..

  7. We should have already flipped Danielle IMO. Before Aprils Draft was likely the optimal time. The longer we sit on him into Training Camp, the more our leverage decreases, and we'll be forced to take less than his actual value. I've wanted to trade everyone possible, for a long time, especially any potentially expensive vets pushing (or past) age 30. Stack picks, try to draft our Franchise QBOTF, and then build the team up.

  8. Sarah gibson says:

    Let’s get a first for him. Kwesi is a failure so far I am praying for everyone and Danielle

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