A drill to stop thinning the golf ball – PURER BALL STRIKING

Rid your game of that annoying thin and learn how to implement a pure ball strike.
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17 Replies to “A drill to stop thinning the golf ball – PURER BALL STRIKING”

  1. Was to the point of giving up golf and replacing it with beach volleyball. I couldn't stop thinning the ball all of a sudden. Exasperating. Your video seems to have given me a very helpful start in correcting this thinning problem of mine. There is a good chance that I was in fact, hanging back a bit. You have provided me with hope. Thanks.

  2. Makes so much sense. Wish I saw this before I played this morning

  3. Ball Turf / excellent as always… but this one is really excellent. Shows me why I am thinning the shots… GOAT / jb /NC

  4. James Bean says:

    Excellent video Steve! Thank you. I wished I had discovered you sooner. Your explanations are clear, less technical, and certainly relatable. I've watch a few of your videos now and I have a clearer view of what I'm trying to achieve. Game changing stuff.

  5. Coy Rice says:

    Good information, terrible video

  6. Lou Cherniss says:

    Yesterday I used your tip to aim one clubhead length in front of the ball. The first time in over 40 years of golf I hit EVERY iron shot well !!!!!! Thank You Steve !!

  7. Hannes Nell says:

    Thank you sir this what i needed. Off of a tee I'm a champ but as soon as i put it on the ground, super thin strikes. This will surely help me. Thank you

  8. Josh Morgan says:

    Great explanation, I’m usually good with the iron shots but I’ve been thinning as of late and this is exactly the understanding that I needed to get me out of that bad habit. Also I must say, you have an incredible swing. Powerful yet effortless. Thanks.

  9. Brilliant online instruction Steve….
    Thank you! Keep em coming…. 👍

  10. dorse72 says:

    really liking this guy, going to give this a go as I thin my shots alot

  11. liad5423 says:

    Thanks I'll try it! This has been killing me lately, new this season but certainly costing me strokes.

  12. That is so well explained

  13. Dale Walton says:

    Great explanation Steve, keep up the good work mate.

  14. Mick Wiese says:

    I like your content! Keep up the good work

  15. Channel is growing nicely Steve!

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