Was the Rockies trade deadline good? Could it cost Colorado the 1st overall pick in 2024 MLB Draft?

The Colorado Rockies waved the white flag more than any season in their last 20 years. They were able to acquire seven different minor league pitchers, all for players who would be free agents at the end of the season. But did they get enough? Would Elias Díaz have brought back the most return? Did any of the five trades actually impact the 2024 roster?
The DNVR Rockies Podcast welcomes Manny Randhawa of MLB.com to discuss the 2023 trade deadline, the resurgence of Austin Gomber and two key candidates to return this season and possibly impact next season’s roster.

Intro: 1:00
Prospects of the week: 1:45
Manny Randhawaon if the Rockies did enough?: 11:30
Rockies in line for the first pick in the draft?: 25:43
Rockies starting lineup: 38:40
History of the Rockies: 48:56

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One Reply to “Was the Rockies trade deadline good? Could it cost Colorado the 1st overall pick in 2024 MLB Draft?”

  1. Chris Burg says:

    I just need one pitcher to come through the system to see this as a success. Still upset about the Arenado trade… what a horrible trade

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