The Wednesday Morning Show: 49ers Training Camp Awards

Grant Cohn and Ryan Hensley give out awards to the San Francisco 49ers for their training camp performances, plus much more.

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46 Replies to “The Wednesday Morning Show: 49ers Training Camp Awards”

  1. Earl Clark says:

    Taco was very friendly, talkative and professional in his presser. So at least he learned that and has taken that with him wherever he goes

  2. Grant’s right. I’ve been rocking the Kirkland white T’a for over 20years.

  3. what disturbs me about the Trey Lance situation is how Kyle keeps acting like he’s the disappointment child but just a few weeks ago he was worshipping Darnold and probably still does despite being god awful

  4. How man pick will Brock throw to the raiders?

  5. J N says:

    Kyle to Arod would be: “Bitch, I’m a Shanahan!!!”

  6. J N says:

    Nick Bosa is a mercenary.

  7. J N says:

    Grant sounds so cool when he talks jive, he almost sounds black. “Oh, word?” Very cool. 👍

  8. Earl Clark says:

    Biggest flirt! Grant killing the game in high school!

  9. Screen Team says:

    I put a $5 bill in a slot machine, pressed the button, it turned like twice, didn't even make a sound…. and that was it.

  10. Burt Fong says:

    Fruit of the Loom or J Crew for white T-shirts with pocket for sunglasses.

  11. I feel like all last year we were begging shannahan to throw the ball aiyuks way, glad to hear he finally realized who the #1 target should be.

  12. One of the key things that the coaches like about Brock is his cool head under pressure….He is very poise and he improvised when plays break down like they did in every game last year.

  13. Vak29 says:

    Salah doesn't have a choice. Its make the playoffs or hes on the hot seat.

  14. You don't win if you trade bosa for Aaron Rodgers…foooh

  15. E C says:

    Pro Club white tees 💯

  16. I’m getting real tired of Kyle and John not being able to find a QB I just want to be able to buy my favorite teams QB jersey in peace 😅

  17. Damn grant with the Ads😂

  18. What a bold take from fake Cohn. “ the niners left him for dead” .. Cohn is the one that called him a bust and kinlaw told him his nuts were bigger then him… now it’s the niners fault

  19. Ken Jones says:

    Wilks will probably bench Bosa until they are on the same page. So maybe Bosa won't play week one or two. Hmmm, makes for better longevity into the post season.

  20. Vincent Vega says:

    @ryanghensley he doesn’t know what’s good with the Stanford tees

  21. Picturing Kyle grabbing Trey’s finger and breaking that shit 😬

  22. Kirkland hands down makes the best white tee

  23. AllSmoke B says:

    U can never go wrong with white T

  24. Great job not speaking over your guest!!! (Seriously)

  25. Simon Ryan says:

    Has anybody noticed that Lynch won a Superbowl with a dominant D but game mgr at QB. So the criticism of Kyle is as much pointed towards Lynch.

  26. Jose Ochoa says:

    Costco white Ts are the best hands down😂

  27. K7ngZai says:

    Someone finally acknowledged dshawn Jamison thank you Ryan

  28. K says:

    Gipson needs to get some respect


  30. Tontareh says:

    40:07 QC for grant cohn here. You can't let someone just do that shit to you.

  31. Shells says:

    As much as I don’t really mess with Nick Wright (usually for basketball) he’s been on Trey’s side since he was drafted.

  32. Tito Boss says:

    Did you guys not watch btock beat the Raiders last year wtf are you guys talking about

  33. You keep talking about "Brocks the real deal"… wasn't Shanahan who coined that …it was Greg Papa at the end of the TB game I think.

  34. Dee Boy says:

    Stafford Ts. Grant. Stop it

  35. Tontareh says:

    15:19 QC for grant cohn here. I love Nick but if we could get Joe Burrow I'd do that every day.

  36. Thankful we got brock

  37. SaltyCyclist says:

    KS’s record without Bosa is below .500

  38. Inmyhead1980 says:

    Let me find out Grant dry snitching lol

  39. J RUSS says:

    Let’s gooo Vegas baby go to lazy dogs bruh good eats

  40. Ruben Ybarra says:

    Staffords only🙌🏼

  41. Mateo Hodo says:

    Grant I won biggest flirt too

  42. Benny Best says:

    Biggest flirt… But got no buns

  43. jmela13 says:

    The look on Grant’s face when he realized he might’ve snitched unintentionally 😳… 😂

  44. John B says:

    The award for pretending this was a real QB competition goes to Kyle Shanahan…..

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