We Are in the Middle of the Greatest Political Revolution Since 1776

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Elections have the potential to bring about transformative changes to a country, comparable to a revolution. When citizens cast their votes, they are not just selecting leaders but also determining the direction of their nation’s future. A shift in the dominant ideology can occur when a new political party or leader is elected, bringing fresh perspectives and alternative visions for the country.

A change in governance can lead to a paradigm shift in policies, where new initiatives and reforms are implemented to address pressing challenges. Social and cultural values may also evolve under the influence of a new leadership, with a focus on inclusivity, diversity, and social justice.

Moreover, economic policies can experience a metamorphosis as new leaders prioritize growth, job creation, and prosperity. This may involve introducing innovative economic strategies and investment plans to drive the country’s development forward.

Ultimately, elections are an essential mechanism of democracy, allowing citizens to participate actively in shaping their nation’s destiny. However, it is vital that elections are conducted fairly, transparently, and with respect for differing viewpoints to ensure a peaceful and constructive process of change.

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35 Replies to “We Are in the Middle of the Greatest Political Revolution Since 1776”

  1. C K says:

    I grew up in Massachusetts…. pretty close to where joe Rohan lived and , and one town over from where Nuno bettencourt grew up… I'm about the same age… the over use of the "f-bomb" is super common among the working and lower class there… it's kinda like a regional dialect… it is used the same way most peopl say "ah" and "um"

  2. I’m 69 and I’m became awakened more than ever, because the historical time right now

  3. Trump will be removed just like Kennedy and his brother, they will not let him win ⚠️ ( ps I’d like to see Tim Scott as the Republican leader not trump but the establishment have lost it about him )

  4. Mcartney still writes new songs and they are great

  5. Goodflop2 says:

    Should be able to fund an election run with the ad money from these podcasts. Insane, one of them ran for about 5 minutes after the podcast ran for 2 minutes and then another ad started up. I was laying down listening and had to get up to end that second one.

  6. Ginger Ann says:

    I like hardcore punk Rixe , Squelette , Cran , Litige , Cuir , Crown Court , White Stains , Haren ,

  7. david nelson says:

    Ha ha ha, I play the deaf card, iy works a treat with the Memsahib!

  8. david nelson says:

    Mick Jagger was big chum's with Bowie, another Seminal artist of true genius.

  9. david nelson says:

    Hi Lionel, I'm in England. I asked my 30 year old stepson why he used the F bomb every other word. He replied it was to 'make an impact'.
    I told him that when you over-use a word it just becomes another irrelevant word, and that some one like myself who never uses the word in polite society; would make an impact by using it, because it would come as a true shock.

  10. zedxxx9 says:

    So President T is not a genius?!?

  11. Chuck Taylor says:

    Linda ronstadt and Chuck Berry “back in the USA”

  12. Angela P says:

    I agree. Mick Jagger can NOT die! He just can't! The world will change for me when he passes.

  13. Thank you for your optimism and suggestions to survive the information war we are in!

  14. No, being a goth is a mark of psychological and social maladjustment or fadism. It’s nothing to be admired per se. It’s pretty well understood in academic circles that if you’re going to make a major contribution to the field it’s going to be before the age of 30. It’s probably related to declining mitochondria in neurons.

  15. having similar personalities I have to admit that the two of us are contrarians

  16. Ed Mattell says:

    Coming from experience .my opinion is Newsom and the Hell's Angels will lose when the real shooting starts with the" sicareo " of the cartel's .the gangsters are coming to eastern Washington state where I live. The Mexicans were here first and they're putting a hurtin' on the California white gangsters.the old saying you can run but you can't hide . The Mexicans ambushed the Nazis from California. Unbelievable. I'm white and my money is on the Mexicans .not the middle class alcoholics and their spoiled,druggie children that are moving to my county because they are running away from their own mess .🤔👍💰🐖🐍💥🚑🤨

  17. Alice Warner says:

    Have a great day!!!🎶🎶🎶

  18. jetpack5 says:

    Im just here to click LIKE

  19. I love your point about knowing most intellectuals in your teens.
    Some of us get into our 60s still maintaining that curiosity about the world.
    No one can afford to check out, nobody.
    But so many have.

    Also, I don't believe Trump is playing 3D chess, but I do believe he can, and should, win.
    We'll be polarized no matter who gets in, so we might as well use this guy's unbelievable passion and energy for this country while we can.

  20. 43:15 In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "D'oh! "

  21. john snow says:

    There is no advantage to being overweight.

  22. RONOMO says:

    disgusting amount of ads

  23. Bob Dennison says:

    the Jimmy Webb interview done by Rick Beato ( yt ) is life altering .

  24. Without sound money there is no future. Banks have decided the we are the carbon they want to reduce. Voting is corrupted by the influence of the oligarchs. We spend money on the military while the rest of the nation rots!

  25. Cypher says:

    Im with ya, I dont want to see barbi

  26. In a similar vein, why didn't Einstein come up with additional theories and /or calculations in later life? He seemed to have run out of ideas by the time he was 25.

  27. It’s a creative hunger/itch/impulse. The spark often dims later in life replaced by precision.

  28. We need more people with well oiled noses

  29. Then you get older, ideas change. Usually, for the dark and mediocre point of view.

  30. Kim Pinkham says:

    Must flush out expose backstabbing rinos the enemy within warmongers

  31. Jmakc says:

    Sugar. It's in EVERYTHING and it's being linked to a myriad of illnesses now, including anything from back pain to dementia. Vegan/Carnivore, etc, not nearly as important as sugar intake regulation, IMO. It really can be that simple.

  32. Big Chungus says:

    Lionel, it's so sweet how you think we can vote our way out of this.

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