We Bet Our ENTIRE Disc Golf Bags on a Round

Thanks to Ten Thousand for making today’s video possible. Head over to www.tenthousand.cc/ FOUNDATION for 15% off on your …


42 Replies to “We Bet Our ENTIRE Disc Golf Bags on a Round”

  1. Thanks to Ten Thousand for making today’s video possible. Head over to http://www.tenthousand.cc/ FOUNDATION for 15% off on your order.

  2. Rick Funk says:

    If those bags went to the used section, they would have put such a high price on them that nobody could afford them.😁

  3. Dark shirt, Rust shorts

  4. New London with a line of 67

  5. Ben Smith says:

    In the Virginia Commonwealth hole 7 played as a par 3 not 4

  6. Kenny says:

    I love yalls videos, but im not gonna lie. When i found out yall were risking your bags, but playing best shot doubles, it took the cool factor wayyyy down for me.

  7. You guys are the funnest group to watch

  8. Thomas Heile says:

    Trevor saying men’s training sounds exactly like menstruating 😂😂😂

  9. Looking good guy's 😊

  10. Abraham Nagy says:

    What is the people's buzzz?

  11. Trenton Corn says:

    Hunter: “Hey Konner move out of my way so I can hit first available plz”

  12. Phlaffy says:

    Play De La Veaga baby!! Home course from a SC local! 😁😁

  13. I'd love to see you guys play Prompton DG Course in NE Pennsylvania. It's a beautiful course and I think you would love playing it.

  14. Matt says:

    You guys should come out buy the Chicago land area and check out The Canyons!

  15. Travis Butts says:

    You should do a round where you wager a disc per stroke difference. Ex. If hunter shoots +4 and Konner shoots +1, Konner chooses 3 discs of hunters that he must give away

  16. Hunter was getting some Konner Karma for bullying the camera man there in the middle holes.

  17. Shout out to Nick Doan that boy is GOATED.

  18. Ben Murray says:

    Do it at hydaway

  19. Ben Breault says:

    hey big hunt, I double dog dare you to bet your whole bag on shooting below 80 at new london

  20. Isak Ernvik says:

    I feel like if they were too fail this challenge, rebuilding the bags would make a rly interesting video

  21. Y’all should come out to Illinois and play at The Canyons. It’s a tough but great course!

  22. Joe Nathan says:

    Menstruating gear !?

  23. Covert_Ops says:

    Good thing Trevor was there 😬

  24. Rob Ricks says:

    I've watched you two throw plastic around for a little while now, and this is the one course that is screaming to Hunter: "STOP THROWING A COMET!!! I AM A COURSE THAT IS FULL OF METEOR LINES!"

  25. Taylor Grose says:

    Come to Michigan sometime! Play either Lake Arvesta Farms in South Haven. Or Flip City in Shelby.

  26. Hunter had a real "George of the Jungle" round there.

  27. Yall need to take a moment and realize how much better at hitting gaps youve gotten. If you guys had filmed this a year ago, you wouldn't have gotten close to hitting the gap on those tight holes

  28. Jeremy smith says:

    I'd love to see you play turkey hill disc golf park blue to yellow layout, in Laplata Md

  29. Fly to the land down under and play a round with me @foundationdiscgolf

  30. Jordan Sena says:

    Hey Hunter have you ever tried to throw with less hyzer? Just something to think about 😅. I feel like you would do a whole lot better in some situations if you just threw more flat. Loving the videos though please make more… faster pls…

  31. RJNiemela says:

    He Trevor, I liked that shot as well

  32. Man Hunter is so lucky that Trevor was playing as good as he did today

  33. Austin Ku says:

    Just saying guys, as a power lifter, this ten thousand brand is S😊LID!

  34. Mjet404 says:

    So ten thousand makes some of the best high quality menstruating gear out there…
    – Trevor

  35. Matthew says:

    Add a little oregano to your mexican dishes, pree solid

  36. Jonah Hanson says:

    If you guys lose one of these and have to get rid of your bag you should make appearances on “in the bag” with brad and Robbie C again for a special edition called “build the bag” or *soon to be In The Bag”

  37. Dead Ewok says:

    if we learned anything from this it's that Hunter shouldn't ask Konner to move lol.

  38. Please, for the love of god, get a buzz hunt 😂

  39. logsbarks says:

    I love watching this course and new London

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