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  1. That’s a dream find!

  2. Smiththebat says:

    Friggen just nice Mizunos laying around.

  3. Absolutely love watching you guys from down under in Aus! 🦘🇦🇺

  4. David Odom says:

    what! 350 for all that

  5. McV1LLaiN says:

    That's super awesome. Love my scotty Cameron stuff.

  6. Chuck Booth says:

    You find great things

  7. Great find did you ask him his handicap! That’s a lot of Scotty for a yard sale!

  8. The motherload! 🤯

  9. Could really use a new to me putter. The current one I have is odessy putter 990.

  10. Sweet deal! Nice find. That Boston bag is sick

  11. Cameron bag is amazing

  12. Daryn Yamada says:

    That one putter is worth 350 alone haha

  13. This was an amazing find

  14. TJ Simpson says:

    Love that the wife called her husband out for taking a poop. 😂

  15. I use the same golo putter

  16. GenesisG70 says:

    That’s a literal fucking deal!! I would of gave him the even $400

  17. Patrick says:

    Damn. I was in club in 2021, all that shits just been sitting in my closet, no idea it was worth that much now 😳

  18. Robb k says:

    Comments on pawn shop #1 are shut off. Is that because it was a really rotten thing to do?

  19. Patty Dodero says:

    are you kidding me 350!?!?

  20. roidAholic says:

    This is a gold mine wtf

  21. Brandon 0300 says:

    Love you guys…. can this be real?

  22. I wish I could find the deals you two do on used golf clubs and items. I just want to do an upgrade for my own clubs.

  23. I hope this guy is a good sport watching the sold prices.

  24. 1FastG says:

    Wow, that’s quite the walk up at a garage sale to find modern club Cameron gear out on the table

  25. Jason Wells says:

    Pretty epic score

  26. ChHook says:

    This Episode Was 🔥 Awesome Family Amazing Deals⛳️ Right Place Right Time & Your Reputation Preceded You Mr&Mrs Fair Deal⛳️

  27. J Sun says:

    That was a great deal!

  28. 4th ….😎👋🥰👍 …show me the money 💴

  29. TuckChase says:

    Love this interaction!

  30. Jim Treacy says:

    I remember this find, nice!

  31. He still gave an incredible deal, which is very honorable. But he knew that you guys knew what they are worth, so he still made a little bit of money for himself.😎

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