We Invented A New Way to Play Disc Golf

Hunter and Trevor face off in what we like to call Disc Golf Chess!
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21 Replies to “We Invented A New Way to Play Disc Golf”

  1. Jason Troll says:

    Konner correcting from “real chess” to “piece chess”, and Trevor thanking him, had me dying😅

  2. RTEMPS says:

    Loved this. Very unique and entertaining.

  3. Ben Prange says:

    Please try Odd vs Even disc speeds¡!!!!!!@

  4. torag says:

    involve guests and make it a regular!

  5. Caribou says:

    Nate Doss is foaming at the mouth to commentate on this video, he loooooves rereferring to disc golf tournaments as "chess matches"

  6. Devin Marcum says:

    Come to brent hambrick memorial disc golf course in ohio. I hereby challenge you to pink slips for entire bags

  7. Trenton Corn says:

    Trevor sounding like Captain Jack Sparrow on hole 6/5 😂

  8. Ethan Boon says:

    Guys this is so entertaining. The format and the editing in this video were hilarious and incredible and everything I wanted in 18:37 of my down time

  9. Nathan Lewis says:

    This is the famous course from the McBeth / Lizotte Simon line video. I've played it twice now, one of my favorites.

  10. John Wilmoth says:

    Love this format. however is further out should definitely still go first, but maybe bas it off of the basket the said they were gong for on the tee not the same basket.

  11. outer1m says:

    This is an awesome vid! Maybe you guys could do this safari style and each of you gets to decide where a basket goes each time

  12. delat says:

    This was fun, maybe to be more thematic you guys could have a bag with super bad discs that represent ponds, and better disc for the other pieces, and when someone loses a hole they lose those discs. If someone has to play their king and they lose, well its over.

    On another idea, you guys could also do a beer pong version with portable baskets, disc golf pong??

  13. Great format. I agree with alternating who goes first on each hole.

  14. scott martin says:

    try alternate shot, every shot, from the start. teepad or not. I like the idea of removing a disc after a hole lost as well.

  15. Coy Sigmon says:

    Match play with a third person: 2 points to first one in, 1 point for second, 0 for odd man out

  16. WacoBeans says:

    Man that Staub guy is built for pressure 😂

  17. nejtan1 says:

    I think you guys overestimate your audience's demand for complicated novel game ideas.
    I'd much prefer "break XX" challenges, bag swaps playing competitive, all 1-brand bags etc. on good courses. cheers 🥏🎉

  18. Palkd says:

    Usually the blonde dude blows, but this was ok.

  19. Piece chess 😂😂😂

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