We Snuck Into a Golf Tournament Then THIS HAPPENED! Stonebridge C.C. Goffstown, NH

Today we sneak into a golf tournament that we don’t even have a tee time for! The question is, will we get to play in the actual event or will we get shut out?! We had a ton of fun playing in this tournament, big shout out to the NHGA for putting on some fun events like this! We will certainly be back for more of the Parent/Child tournament in the future!

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Equipment I use to record and edit my videos for @muskratlinksgolf :
Main Camera: Canon XA10
Camera Mic: RODE NTG-1 (rarely used)
Audio Recorder: TASCAM DR-05
Lav Mics: Rode Wireless ME
Slow Motion: Google Pixel 6a
Launch Monitor: SkyTrak
Sim Software: TGC 2019
Editing Software: Davinci Resolve
How I built my Golf Simulator: https://youtu.be/7V91t5sS4SE
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6 Replies to “We Snuck Into a Golf Tournament Then THIS HAPPENED! Stonebridge C.C. Goffstown, NH”

  1. Lovely chip in at 10, nicely done !. Also how are you finding the new nike shoes, shame about the old pair.

  2. Great video ! Having played there a thousand times I can say it never gets easier. The course is in great shape. I’d definitely say there was a discrepancy in rules for there to be that big of a swing in those scores. 😮 keep on having fun !

  3. Not your best, but you guys kept grinding and had great attitudes and that says something 😀

  4. swankHD says:

    Love stonebridge. Unfortunately when I played earlier this year the course was in ROUGH shape. 17 was pretty washed out, and 15 was a mud pit. All this rain has made it tough for a lot of courses this year

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