What Brian Harman’s Open win means; handing out major grades for 2023 | Golf Channel Podcast

In this Golf Channel Podcast with Rex & Lav, the guys recap Brian Harman’s blowout win at The Open, analyze what’s gone wrong with Rory McIlroy, and hand out major grades for 2023. #GolfChannel #GolfChannelPodcast #BrianHarman

• (0:00) Breaking down Brian Harman’s 5 stroke Open win
• (16:25) Harman was able to fend off boo’s from crowd
• (19:45) Where would this Major rank among all that you have covered?
• (22:20) Could you have won The Open from Brian Harman’s spot on the fairway on 18?
• (26:34) What stands out from the 2023 Major season?
• (31:24) Major grades for 2023

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What Brian Harman’s Open win means; handing out major grades for 2023 | Golf Channel Podcast


21 Replies to “What Brian Harman’s Open win means; handing out major grades for 2023 | Golf Channel Podcast”

  1. JimMcHugU says:

    Hunt, fish, golf, are the only sports you don't say play in front of.

  2. G G says:

    Just shut up go away


  4. Rory is insufferable and the press coverage of him is the same.

  5. Damon Katos says:

    I stayed up late for the 2nd round and watch the ultra boring bbc broadcast. They covered the 1st hole drives and no one but Harman hit the fairway.
    It was so boring I fell asleep.

  6. peedee says:

    The tone of this appraisal seems to be all about the entertainment value for US TV.

  7. peedee says:

    Maybe the Sunday weather played a big part. Little wind, but the 'bombers' didn't seem to be able to cut loose – water on the driver face – and chase Brian down a bit with a round like Rahm's on the day before.

  8. edward j says:

    wtf. he just finished 2,nd at the travellers. got hot with the putter at the right time

  9. edward j says:

    it means that putting is everything

  10. Love the podcast! You know on the grading, shouldn’t we think about the players on a curve relative to others? So if these guys aren’t getting A-ses then what is everyone else getting? Some percentage deserves an A. 😉 Would be curious how they’re trends compare to the likes of Tiger and Jack, is a Jon Rahm major performance with an average year of theirs? Any reasons of concern?

    Btw even if the Europeans can set up Marco Simone, if you look at Europeans and their Open performance, wouldn’t always playing links be more advantageous? Feels like Le National wasn’t links per se but with all its water gave them the upset victory.

  11. Steve Pierce says:

    Rory is no doubt a great player amongst great competition. The expectations and the doubts come into play have an effect mentally on your game. Working hard physically is different than compartmentalizing distractions and staying disciplined. When you are not "hungry" and feel the sacrifice you tend to find excuses for it not being "your time" and it becomes a habit and under pressure the tension shows in the swing and the putter when tested to perform. Tiger's Dad prepared Tiger to handle stress, but I think Rory relied upon pure talent. I conclude Rory will remain a streaky player in the majors until he gets the mental discipline under control. He is still wonderful to watch. Brian was so impressive because "old school" came through and his mental focus was unnerving. Go Bulldogs!

  12. Brad Long says:

    In college we would have several conference tournaments and the one with the lowest total would basically be crowned champion for the year. I think it would be interesting if the Tour did this with the majors.

  13. cledesma135 says:

    These Super talented players like Scottie,Rory,DJ,and so on dont have that killer instinct like Tiger once had when he dominated for a decade straight.

  14. Gary Gorton says:

    If you want a proper BBQ come to South Africa

  15. JDFREEDOM9 says:

    He made it clear he hunts with a bow? Omg the pussification of America!So sad Rex.

  16. Wow, so if Rory the man child had've won, would it then rank top 10'ish? Had Scheffler run away with it, would your ploughman's sandwich even figure in the calculus? Realise it's your opinion, and you own it, but man in this case no British Open can ever be in the top 50. British food has always been what it is and it won't be anything different in the future. Links golf is the perfect setting for pure golf. You guys play in utopia far too much and it cruels your judgement. But i enjoy the chat and banter.

  17. john Mule says:

    Rory did the same thing last year at St Andrews against Cam Smith…he just can't hit the great shots/putts that make a difference anymore in really big events. Whether it's the pressure he puts on himself or not no one knows…except himself.

  18. john Mule says:

    The course set-up favored someone who simply could keep the ball in front of them and play strategic golf ("old school" golf…) and there aren't many on tour that play that way anymore because it's a bomb and gouge game. Plus, the guy is super steady and had been playing really well leading into it. By the way, Peter Finch, in his podcast on Wednesday did mention Brian as his favorite in the Open. I believe he was the only one.

  19. John Burnett says:

    Hi what are the chances brian Harmon will be moving to the liv tour.

  20. What a bummer is it that the Majors are over with a week left in July? If you're an avid golf fan the Fed Ex Cup doesn't get it compared to having the PGA in August. Better yet, have the PGA go back to it's original format, match play.

  21. Joseph Boza says:

    That was Kyle Porter of Golf on CBS's The First Cut Podcast that gave that stat about Scottie being -18 in the majors this year. I think Brian played 36 holes of 'boring golf' and that pissed off media and fans. The big boys didnt bring this year at certain majors. The pissing contest between Jay Monahan and the big boys about LIV has impacted 2023. JT hasnt played well this year. Brandel Chamblee even on Live from said unless JT does SOMETHING insane he shouldnt be on the team.

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