TOPS TIPS for getting fit into a TaylorMade SIM Fairway Wood | TrottieGolf

This #TourTruckTuesday from The Kingdom in Carlsbad California learn how to find the right fairway wood for you and go through the process with a players mentality.

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49 Replies to “TOPS TIPS for getting fit into a TaylorMade SIM Fairway Wood | TrottieGolf”

  1. Craig Smith says:



  2. #USTMAMIYA #TOURTRUCKTUESDAY @stefannnbicegooo drumb and base over the pond smart accent hits it long. Trottman!

  3. Shacco says:

    #TOURTRUCKTUESDAY #ustmamiyagolf
    6F4 would be lovely
    @iamshanonhan πŸ™

  4. LukaLadgolf says:

    Love these vids bro really helping me understand the game more and I go out and point these tips out to my friends so useful. @Lukacaleb87

  5. Giles Ochs says:

    πŸ§…s as usual.

    Would love to see one of these in my SIM.



  6. Great insight as usual! #TOURTRUCKTUESDAY #USTMAMIYA


    -ig Danyallsmiff

  7. Ben Jones says:

    #tourtrucktuesday #ustmamiya would love the 6f5 to go in my driver, my insta is @bennjones99_

  8. M Mc says:

    They’re like a work of art 6f5 please!
    #tourtrucktuesday #ustmamiya
    Insta: @meechmc

  9. Adam Radich says:

    6F5 all the way! And thank you for doing all you do!

  10. Always learning!
    #TOURTRUCKTUESDAY #ustmamiya

  11. #tourtrucktuesday
    Would love a 6F5!
    You’re the man, love watching your stuff

  12. Thanks for the awesome insights. Great timing as I’m in the market for new fairway woods. #TOURTRUCKTUESDAY #ustmamiya
    Flex 6f5

  13. Kris Rae says:

    @kris.rae πŸ€žπŸ€™πŸŒΊ

  14. J.C. Ovalles says:




    This would look great with my 2020 Taylormade Masters head-cover!

  15. Love the trottie! @brandanb88 Linq 6f5
    #tourtrucktuesday#ustmamiya. May not be the best but will look good doing it!

  16. Eric Ossian says:

    #TOURTRUCKTUESDAY #ustmamiya 6F5 Instagram @ericossian !!! Good luck to everyone

  17. Joe Sephton says:

    #TourTruckTuesday #USTMamiya – 6F5
    Insta Handle @joeysepho
    πŸ’š 🌸 πŸ™πŸ»

  18. Bert Foster says:

    Love the videos! Also, really appreciate all of the insight you provide.
    It is great to get an unbiased insiders take on club building and fitting. Stay safe out there. Take care.
    #TOURTRUCKTUESDAY #ustmamiya

    Flex 6f4

  19. A man of the people!
    #TOURTRUCKTUESDAY #ustmamiya

  20. #tourtrucktuesday #ustmamiya


    Love your channel. Keep up the great content! Still waiting on my invite to The Kingdom #taylormade

  21. Trottie!! Just got fitted into the UST MAMIYA Elements Gold Proto 6F4 a couple of weeks ago and love it but a masters themed shaft would be even better!!! I would gladly take the 6F4 spec! #TOURTRUCKTUESDAY #ustmamiya
    My insta handle is @ethan_a32 too!

  22. #tourtrucktuesday Trottie always killing it with these videos. #ustmamiya SF5 @maximumresultsfitness @rydercup21

  23. These videos are great, I have been really interested in club building and love seeing the tour truck videos every week.
    #TOURTRUCKTUESDAY #ustmamiya
    Flex 6f5

  24. Stuart Peck says:

    #TOURTRUCKTUESDAY #ustmamiya Love the πŸ§…πŸ§…πŸ§…. Using an Elements Chrome 6F5T right now so a 6F5 would be a great weapon of choice. Keep fitting my G 🐺 with the legendary combos. Insta: global_rover_programme πŸ‘»

  25. #tourtrucktuesday #ustmamiya @kclovesgolf Always helpful info from you Mr. Trott-ie!! Really dig the #tourtruckteusday videos actually inside the truck to see what the pros are using. Thanks for the opportunity!! The 6F5 would be great! Thank you!!

  26. #tourtrucktuesday #ustmamiya – @eddywhitaker – 6f4 πŸ˜€ ..also finding out the sim fairway woods are like the vsteels made my year. My vsteel 5 wood is one of my fav clubs ever, still in the bag, still hit it better than any wood made prior to 8 years ago (havent tried new ones yet)

  27. David Parker says:

    #tourtrucktuesday I'd go with the 6F4 in my Hogan GS53 3 wood!

  28. #TOURTRUCKTUESDAY #ustmamiya 6f5 πŸ’ͺ🏽 @aleksituunainen

  29. Matt Farnes says:

    These are fire!!! #TOURTRUCKTUESDAY #ustmamiya 6F5 please boss!! @mattfarnes

  30. Max Bosco says:

    #tourtrucktuesday is almost as good as masters week and those sick #ustmamiya Augusta themed shafts πŸ₯΅ 6f5 πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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