In this golf tip video, Natalie Adams from Smash Factor Golf Coaching, shows you what causes a pulled golf shot, a golf shot that misses the target straight left and shows you an easy to follow and implement solution, that will get you hitting your golf shots straighter pretty instantly!

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  1. J C says:

    Scarily effective drill. I have just tried it and after 3 swings where I hit the forward head cover every time, a small adjustment to the start of my downswing and shaft plane made a huge difference. Thank you, again.

  2. mskyhunter08 says:

    i found a drill that corrected my outside in path, i now have a inside out but sill pull my irons. ?

  3. I can play really well but often the last 100 yards onto the green I often pull my shot with my wedge and it’s not a bad strike but putting me out of position possible in a bunker

  4. Ben Jonson says:

    Can you hit it left if only the club face is pointed left?

  5. Tripp Jones says:

    Great simple Fix !!! Thanks πŸ™πŸΎ

  6. Excellent advice. I wish the coaches in my area were as good as you!

  7. John Pelfrey says:

    Nat you are sunshine.. Thanks for the vids

  8. Jimmy Hurley says:

    Great tips. Will try tomorrow. This is my biggest flaw along with hitting behind the ball.
    Wish I could get a personal lesson.

  9. Great instruction Natalie. Thank you.

  10. Tranlavery says:

    I am guilty of the pull now and again.thanks for the drills πŸ‘

  11. 121Bobski says:

    Hi Natalie, with 5 – 8 irons I am fine it is 9, PW, AW and SW. Could it be over swinging on the way through (trying to hit the ball too hard?)

  12. nige99 says:

    Doesn't an out to in path cause a slice as your cutting across the ball …im confused at this

  13. Thanks for another excellent lesson, Natalie. Your comment about the lower body moving first and then the upper body reminded of something I already know but too often fail to apply.

  14. Brian Wood says:

    Thanks Natalie. Could you do something on push shots please. This is my common miss. Playing to 10/11 but particularly with driver will have these shots 4/5 times in 18 and find right rough or trouble which is stopping me get to high single figures. Same issue with irons but less destructive. Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks, Brian

  15. Another beast mode golf lesson….! Oh and I shall say thank you ma'am for fixing my shanks. Finally shot 79!!

  16. Mr H says:

    You deserve so many more subscribers Natalie.

  17. Andy M says:

    Simple concise easy to follow instruction as always

  18. Neal Sokay says:

    Like the head covers advice Natalie πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  19. Spakuloid says:

    What about hitting it too high and the loss of distance after fixing this? I've lost at least a club length after fixing my path – even though I hit nice draws.

  20. Bcharger06 says:

    Great job on explaining what I do wrong, easy to understand. Thank you for your videos.

  21. another great golf lesson Natalie and as I've said before, brilliantly explained. Thank you….

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