What Nobody Tells You About Pitching Onto The Green

Hitting good mid-distance wedge shots is an issue for so many golfers,

It’s not a “small, big swing”, nor is it a “big, small swing”. This shot is truly a special shot which require a unique set-up and execution. Get it right, and your scores will tumble, get it wrong, and your perpetual frustration (and high scores) will continue.

You can learn how to execute the 30-80 yard pitch shot with relative ease once you know how to make the necessary set-up and swing adjustments which I will share with you in this video including:

* What club to use
* How far to stand from the ball
* Where to position the ball
* What length swing to take
* Wrists or no wrists?
* How to be consistent

SHORT GAME PLAYLIST – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKCOOPZaPE23940rqfK9gUDQpD7dSnhkg

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24 Replies to “What Nobody Tells You About Pitching Onto The Green”

  1. David Pierce says:

    One of the best videos on pitching I've ever seen.

  2. BioGOD009 says:

    Yeah this gentleman is a solid teacher 👍🥰

  3. Ian Donald says:

    Nice video. I currently hit 60 degree wedge for these shots but I actually don’t get much spin which makes it trickier for me on those pins at front and back of the green so I’ll try going back to 54. 👍

  4. SonicFox 93 says:

    Awesome tips thanks!

  5. Jim Vitali says:

    Good information, reminds me of a Dave Pell class I attended 25 years ago. Which changed my short game forever. I still use the “Pelz” methods today for pitching. I am dialed in from 30-110 yards by using his technique of the 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30 swing using a 64,58,54,48 degrees wedges. Four wedges, three lengths equals 12 guaranteed distances. And honestly from there I’ve learned over the years to adjust the face and follow thru to land just about any distance in between.

  6. Chris J says:

    Appreciate need experiment with my own clubs but out of curiosity what club were you using? 54?

    Also what do you advocate re weight distribution? Most teaching on pitching seems to advocate most of weight on left but I find this difficult to do without introducing shaft lean at address

  7. Raine Harju says:

    Mr. Rob, one of your best videos ever – Thank You! What about a video haw to hit a baby draw from every tee?

  8. Brent says:

    I also think the club weight helps. I have the Callaway PM grind wedge and it’s my best club due to the heavy head weight. Keeps my tempo and I let the head weight do the work.

  9. wayne a says:

    Rob, thank you for this lesson. It obviously works; but, I wonder why the bounce of the club doesn't cause the leading edge of the face to contact the ball too high?

  10. Great video! Love your concept and system. Agree very important part of game.

  11. Dima Ruban says:

    Excellent content as always. Keep up the good work!

  12. Great video! With pitching, my golf balls tend to stay short and stop before the flag, as I am unconsciously afraid of surpassing it and end into a bunker, trees or water, that usually surround the greens. It is a matter of finesse and requires confidence and a lot of practice in the course. To overcome that I tend to play with a less lofted club.

  13. Excellent video. Thanks.

  14. Great!! Will be implementing these tips as best I can. Thanks.

  15. This topic was more helpful and important to note. Thank you sir

  16. Also, could you do a trouble fix video like the over draw, like coming too much from the inside, thanks Rob!

  17. Hey I asked and you delivered! Thanks Rob!

  18. Carlo R. S. says:

    Probably the hardest shots in golf. Going to practice those three versions over the next few days. Thanks Rob!

  19. Tony Frostad says:

    PRGR launch monitor will work great for this, get the closest shot and the longest then work on the middle distaances to get your stop points
    Great video Rob

  20. Great demonstration and explanation Rob on how to hit the 30, 50, 80 yard pitch shot onto the green! This is the shot that I occasionally struggle with. After watching the video, I am reminded of what I should be doing! Good Job Rob!

  21. Randy Mahony says:

    This subject is very rarely explained thanks Rob.

  22. Fantastic demonstration Rob! Thank you

  23. Marc Faber says:

    Always love your explanations!

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