Rukket The Haack Pro Golf Net with SPDR STEEL™ Netting

Rukket The Haack Pro Golf Net with SPDR STEEL™ Netting⛳️

This video demonstrates how a golfer uses our Haack Pro Golf Net with SPDR STEEL while practicing outside the golf course.
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⛳️ Featured Product
– INNOVATIVE NEW SPDR STEEL™ NETTING: The most durable netting available. Our new Haack Pro-Net utilizes ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHWMPE) fibers found in aerospace applications. The result is a net that’s stronger than kevlar, abrasion-resistant, and provides added UV protection

This package includes:
– 9x7x3ft Rukket Haack Pro Frame
– Adjustable Hitting Target
– Carry & Storage bag

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