WHAT'S IN THE BAG? Mike's 2021 Golf Equipment Setup

Mike’s golf bag has quite a few upgrades since the last WITB with quite a few equipment and technology changes. Here is a breakdown of everything that will be in the bag including the clubs, balls, tees, devices, gloves, and even the rain gear.


Mike’s WITB Rundown:
1. Titleist TSi 3 Driver 10.0 Loft w/ Black HZRDOUS Smoke 60g
2. Titleist TSi 2 3 Wood w/ Even Flow X 85g
3. Titleist H21 Hybrid w/ Tensai Blue
4. Titleist T200 Irons (4-PW) w/ Yellow and Black GolfPride Grips
5. Vokey SM8 Wedges (50, 56, 60 degree)
6. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter
7. Shot Scope V3 GPS and Stat Tracking Watch
8. 2021 Titleist ProV1 X Golf Balls:
9. FootJoy StaSof Gloves (Both Black and White):
10. FootJoy ProSL Shoes:
11. FootJoy TOUR X Shoes:
12. Towel Tag Custom Towel and Holder:
13. Pain Medication
14. Titleist Players 4+ Bag:

Here’s the gear we use to film our videos:

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Have any equipment suggestions for us to include in our next WITB? If so, make sure to let us know in the comments below.


25 Replies to “WHAT'S IN THE BAG? Mike's 2021 Golf Equipment Setup”

  1. Golficity says:

    I'm going to try and answer as many questions as possible, so please fire away below. Bonus points if you timestamp the first time you "see it". – Mike

  2. Davazz says:

    who the hell is Mike, and who the f cares?

  3. Hi Frank quick question, howcome if I have it right from your fitting do have a pitching wedge which is (again if I have it right) a 48 degree plus you have a 48 degree wedge which you hit in from 100 aswell?

  4. kinjay 21 says:

    The rangefinder

  5. No bad for a 18 handicap. Great equipament, horrible swing

  6. joe newton says:

    So once again guys sponsored and fitted for free by Titleist with all Titleist clubs in the bag. So basically this was less of a witb and more of a Titleist commercial. Yawnnnnnn

  7. h says:

    Really enjoyed this video

  8. IR Bose says:

    Your pw is like my 9i

  9. Great vid bro, is it bushnell pro x2 ??

  10. Mason Wrona says:

    It has to be that 🔥range finder

  11. What bag are you using? Players 4 plus Sta dry?

  12. Luke Johnson says:

    that rangefinder is new right

  13. are you guys sponsored by Titleist or just Titleist super fans?

  14. That thing in the ball pocket must be the new rangefinder

  15. The black and blue outlined range finder im guessing, just got into golf and love your Content keep it up guys

  16. Forgot to add suntan spray


  18. jbarres80 says:

    Just getting into the game and glad I came across the channel keep grinding

  19. Range finder all the way! New new new.

  20. Brandon K says:

    That black and blue range finder!

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