What's the Deal with Dreams?!?

Weird dreams. Tortilla consumption. A children’s book inspired by murder. Robert De Niro having his seventh child. Desiigner cranking on an airplane. Dealing with dissociation. The coronation of the king.

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3 Replies to “What's the Deal with Dreams?!?”

  1. Hannah OeeO says:

    An ideal pantry situation would be basically a mini store inside of a room 😀😀😀

  2. Clairey says:

    Showed up on my recommendations, new sub here. 🫶🏼 I have some of the weirdest fkn dreams 😂 I’ve died in my dreams and still here, when I died I was just a floating head in a galaxy hahah. I’ve been woke up in pain from being shot in my dreams and stuff, been thanked by men in white suits for “taking part” in their “virtual reality test” Dreams are insane 😂😂

  3. Chris Gibbs says:

    Came over from Spotify 5 minutes in to see the camera debacle lol

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