When’s the best time to snap a club? #golf #golfer #golftips

22 Replies to “When’s the best time to snap a club? #golf #golfer #golftips”

  1. Angus says:

    Maybe change ur mindset and u will play better

  2. I just got into golf and the ONE thing I’m consistently good at, is pitching out of the bunker. My buddy has a Cleveland 56 he lets me use cause my used set doesn’t have anything besides a P and I’ll knock it clean out lol

  3. Josh Walker says:

    The odds of this ball touching the grass ever again had me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Nick Stone says:

    Hey I’m very good at not hitting a golf ball correctly, if you need tips just shoot me a message

  5. reidcaseym says:

    never gonna stop slicing with open feet on the tee

  6. Proudyfoot says:

    Your videos always crack me up man. Never take yourself to serious.

  7. Joe L says:


  8. mrobin4850 says:

    Opening my stance and club face in sand has helped me tremendously. Really just have to learn how to play a flop and the sand loses its power.

  9. AlbinoScout says:

    That was so painful watching it go way right every single time 😂

  10. Well damn man I have to follow you now

  11. 😂😂😂 realistically

  12. griffinjg1 says:

    That end comment is just evil dude

  13. WhiteWolfGmr says:

    I struggled with bunker shots when I was younger. I either chunked it or sailed it over the green, but this method helped me. If you use a 56/54 degree: pretend you’re executing a flop shot. This ensures you’ll slap the sand and not dig into it. Don’t be afraid to swing or you’ll be left with a 15 foot putt. Usually you can pretend you’re trying to drop it in the cup on the fly with how hard you normally swing outside of the bunker. Most of all, find a course that has a practice chipping green with a bunker and go use it. If you’re ball is buried you just have to get skilled to dig the right depth to get out without completely stopping the club. Start on flat smooth bunkers and work your way toward harder shots.

  14. EiK says:

    Right after your two stroke penalty for grounding your club in the sand

  15. Donny Simple says:

    I’m just getting into golf and if hitting it off the nozzle was the aim of the game id be a pro

  16. Chewiebacka says:

    I need my iron covers. The rattle drives me nuts if I don't.

  17. Bangerang says:

    Your legwork needs serious attention.

  18. Stoned B says:

    i ain’t taking no chance i’m subbing

  19. Syler Moser says:

    I saw that bunker sweep behind the ball haha plus 1

  20. Grounding the club 😭

  21. My wife's cousin broke his driver on the tee yesterday on the 1st hole

  22. Kisky says:

    Just found you and I’m head over heals bro

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