Who won this? @cvagolf or @MartinBorgmeierLD? #golf #shorts #golfshot #golfcourse

46 Replies to “Who won this? @cvagolf or @MartinBorgmeierLD? #golf #shorts #golfshot #golfcourse”

  1. Mr Simo says:

    Monster shot ❤

  2. Mark Stuart says:

    These two are the herpes of the YouTube golf world

  3. I love Borgy. Guys a fkin laff.

  4. Brandon King says:

    DOD has his sleeves up hahaha. Looking like wet Noodles.

  5. he is swinging like he killed it and finishing like he crushed it. the DOD dude is such a fake. and his off the deck thing….. is just dumb

  6. This is hilarious. The DOD v the POT

  7. If it's close, it doesn't even matter – Martin takes it. For Pete's sake, it's a putter!

  8. Kunj Samani says:

    If you had to check, the putter dudes already won yo 😂

  9. West Pole says:

    Ey man ngl the DoD king looks kinda intimidated by that putter LMAO

  10. Zack Smith says:

    “That’s not a tee”

    Proceeds to use a tee

  11. Liam Young says:

    He used a tee with that putter shot! It’s clearly visible

  12. kata says:

    Pod king winning that one for sure that swing was insane got the most out of it

  13. For guys who spend all day in the sun you have a hard time getting some colour.

  14. Pastor Slant says:

    I will never understand why someone would make DoD his whole personality… I, too, like to make it so that i can't hit the ball in the center of the face… lol

  15. 1snaj says:

    How come you never wear clothes that fit you lol

  16. wcadds80 says:

    Dr Evil and Mini Me lol

  17. LT1 says:

    Bro needs some bigger clothes

  18. I thought he would quote Eminem there 😅

  19. Martin all day❤ Sorry DOD guy

  20. The putter suprised me

  21. So Epic! After watching Martin hit putter like that, I wouldn't even hit. The day I get beat in a driving contest with a putter is the day I quit golf.

  22. AleksyBlack says:

    The fact that this was so close gives the putter the automatic win.

  23. kick start says:

    Hey I didn't see no check and see

  24. I mean just off the fact that he used a putter he’s gotta get the W even if dod king hit it further

  25. Ryan Krushen says:

    Don’t gotta check shit bruh one man used a fucking putter it’s pretty clear who won 😂😂

  26. Pedro Reis says:

    Not thaking the merit from others but u2 guys are the best vibe in this game!

  27. POD = 330
    DOD = 298yds

  28. T Rock says:

    I bet they make out when they go check their balls.

  29. Matty Boost says:

    Andy Elliot must’ve dressed you in his favorite red shorts.

  30. Daniel Owen says:

    Shortest shorts in the game… Marty Borgie is a beast

  31. J J says:

    It’s not that impressive getting distance with a putter. Look at the loft on a putter. You people on are his deck

  32. Why’s he act like driver off the deck is something special?

  33. David C says:

    2 absolute muppets, the big one looks ridiculous in those shorts

  34. Geoff Walker says:

    Two great shots boys. But DOD king 👑 wins for me

  35. Sage Roberts says:

    I keep thinking it’s Travis kelce 😂

  36. Bruh, easy on the nose candy 👃🏼 ❄️

  37. So now we go to the pro shop looking for the "best putter driver you have" or what can be ordered in a "putter driver". Why? Because we only like low rising shots and that's the preferred club……has the fine waffle grip. And it's what the astronauts used on the moon. Why do you ask?

  38. That fit is absolutely gay, love it!

  39. Real OGs don’t need to de-loft their driver to a 7 either, but here you are

  40. You can't act hard out-driving a guy who used a putter. It's lose-lose to follow up with driver.

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