You Can Make Divot's… Just DO THIS!

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5 Replies to “You Can Make Divot's… Just DO THIS!”

  1. Rickie4 says:

    I've been trying this for many years and the hardest part for me is keeping my head from moving with my hips and keeping it behind the ball at impact like you see the best in the world do

  2. Jay Boek says:

    😂…sorry not that easy. Probably the hardest thing to do in golf by far. If you're actually doing it the right way.

  3. Mark Gill says:

    Great instructional content, thanks Chris. I'm struggling with the weight transfer. My quite body is sliding forward, leading to fat iron shots. I get away with it with my woods. No good with my irons. Please help!

  4. Mike Rodrick says:

    If your weight has to be on your front side, what about stack & tilt that starts with the weight on the front?

  5. Ross Roby says:

    Taking this to the range tomorrow, thank you!
    Dumb question – where should the alignment stick point? I know that also helps with getting the club to travel inside-out…

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