Who's bombs are better? #micahmorris #golf #oppenheimer

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  1. Nate M says:

    so many people in the golf community can't stand MIcah for the worst reasons man.

    1. Micah is super competitive and he tends to have temper tantrums.

    2. Micah thinks he's better than most youtube golfers even though he himself scores average most of the time.

    3. it is speculated that MIcah is a bad sport whether winning or losing.

    notice how all these bad qualities have to do with his golf persona and not him in real life? he may be a douche or he may be really nice off the course, none of us really know. instead of being judgemental can't we just appreciate his body of work on the course even if we can't appreciate his demeanour on the course?

  2. thejfactor1 says:

    The fastest object ever launched by Oppenheimer’s creation was a 1 ton steel bore cap reaching a speed of 41 miles per second

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