World's #1 Coach Reveals Fastest Way to Improve Your Golf Swing

Worlds #1 golf coach Pete Cowen reveals to Danny Maude a Game Changer golf drill that will turn your ball striking from amateur to pro – It’s a cracker!

In fact those willing to put 6 minutes a day of practice in using this drill have said it feels like cheating when on the golf course.

In the video you will learn how to move your right arm in the golf swing . You will learn that by getting the right arm in the correct starting position with driver and irons the golf swing will feel easy.

When you get the right arm in the correct position it helps you get a perfect backswing. In fact once you have locked the right arm in place Danny shows you exactly how to move the right arm perfectly with his signature dumbbell move.

But the golf lesson wouldn’t be complete without knowing how to move it in the downswing. Danny Maude has you covered. There is no room for loads of complicated swing thoughts in the golf swing so you need something super simple. Enter Pete Cowen’s 6 Min Split Hand Drill

Check out the full video here as this is a game changer:

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Thanks for stopping by. I created this website as a resource just for you to support you on your golfing journey as I know how tricky learning this game can be…to say the least!

I personally found learning the game too long and difficult in the early days. I read all the books, watched all the videos but my game was not improving. Then after studying various forms of neuro science, motor learning, psychology and personal development in less than two years I went from struggling golfer to the final stage of the Open Championship.

On YouTube and my personal website ( I will bring you the most up to date training, training that is getting tangible results for my clients right now. I don’t know where you are in your golfing journey, you could be just starting out or maybe your body isn’t as flexible as it once was or you’ve got ambitions to slash your handicap. Wherever you are I’ve created a place here you can learn, share your ideas, ask questions and get all the support you need to enjoy this great game.

Be prepared though. If its a quick fix you are after Im not your man. Here I will give you step-by-step advice that you can take straight to the practice ground and apply to the course but it will require you to get stuck in, screw up…a lot, practice some more and then watch those scores tumble

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching thousands of students all around the world and if you are up for the challenge and are ready to get in the game…LETS GO TO WORK!


This golf lesson provides a couple of wonderful drills to help you hit your driver straight.If you are a beginner golfer and are looking for some golf driver tips that are simple and easy to do then you are going to love this.

I will show you the golf swing slow motion so that you can see what you need to do to improve.

We look at 3 things:

1. How to stop slicing your driver
2. How to swing more in to out or how to swing more inside out
3, How to get the correct impact position with driver

and I hope to do all this with simple golf tips so you can create an effortless golf swing


29 Replies to “World's #1 Coach Reveals Fastest Way to Improve Your Golf Swing”

  1. Riceguy01 says:

    Danny how does this translate to driver?

  2. Henry Salvo says:

    Thanks for the add info. This now makes much more sense. What about driver? I’m assuming this works through the 3 wood.

  3. Thanks for translating Peter. Is there a driver equivalent of this? Is is the same?

  4. Chief Brody says:

    This is gold standard information!

  5. Ossie Munroe says:

    As a fan from afar (U.S.A.), thanks for this video and all the great work you do to provide golf instruction for all.

    As a beginner golfer, a key aspect to learning is finding a limited set of voices (preferably one or two) to serve as your go-to for guidance.

    Even though you’re probably that singular voice for many (myself included), it was good to get some insight into one of your own lessons & see how it can sometimes be a challenge implementing new technique’s (even for someone on your level).

  6. bbanl says:

    Your video’s with Pete Cowen are a real eye opener. Thx! One big question: After playing golf for 35 years (hcp 8) and having had various teaching pro’s, why do I only find out about this now? Why don’t other pro’s teach this golf swing whch sounds like the way all tour pro’s hit their balls with compression??? (And why was it ‘new’ to you, as you are also an experienced pro?)

  7. Danny, I notice on your last swing at about 12:28 as you approach contact, your eyes shift to focus at a point about a foot in front of the golf ball. Is part of your "mind game" to keep from breaking your hands too early? I've tried to use a similar approach and wonder if that's effective for you.

  8. Started trying this technique after your session with Peter. Small swings i hit it flush, but I started shanking the ball on full swings. Not sure what i am doing wrong??

  9. xarevok says:

    Did you get any lessons with Pete about the driver? Or is this tip only for Irons.

    Is the same logic but with the aim of delivering the club/shaft a bit more neutral angle of attack?

  10. Robert Davis says:

    This is a great tip! I tried it today and once you get your brain/ muscle memory, you ball striking will improve a lot.

  11. Dell Man says:

    Can you do this with the driver?

  12. Peter Deegan says:

    Danny is it all right hand from the top down. Thanks for the videos

  13. Lefty McShea says:

    Thanks for restructuring Pete's lesson and making everything crystal clear. A terrific lesson that I've already added to my daily "dry swing" workout. Your excitable presentation clearly translates how importantly helpful this lesson can help the fairway game. Many many thanks!

  14. Steve Alino says:

    Best golf coach on YouTube hands down! Thanks Danny 👍🏻

  15. Nick says:

    So Danny what about the wrist hinge at the top of the swing that we hold then release when our hands reach out belt giving us our second lever to release at the ball aswe rotate ourr body

  16. Thanks Danny for re visiting the lesson you had with Pete Cowan a few weeks ago. I have been practicing using the cock hand grip (I think that's what it was referred as) and whilst it feels un natural it squares the elbow. The spin motion was more difficult to practice but it has complemented my ball striking beyond imagination. Again thank you and have a great week!

  17. What really helped me get this feel was porzak golf. For me, it really is this simple, right arm bicep curl up, right arm bicep extend way down. Tiny bit of grip pressure down to set the wrist and the swing is done.

  18. Thank you so much for this video. I now know why my balls were going so high.

  19. Dundo says:

    Tommy Fleetwood finish

  20. Hi Danny,am I right in saying this is a similiar move to the lesson you gave to the elderly gentleman with the dreaded flip?

  21. Craig Crowe says:

    Great video. I would like to see these same principles applied to Driver.

  22. Wayne Whelan says:

    Great lesson Danny, some fantastic drills.👏👍

  23. Another great video Danny and yes it feels a little strange to start with but I won't give up on it. Just one thing, is it possible to use this method with the driver? I know you have to hit up with the driver but that can be done with position of ball so can the Pete Cowen method be used for the driver?

  24. Nick Hales says:

    We are all looking for quick fixes, as Danny keeps reiterating this is about working your way through a complete series of actions. I watched with admiration the lesson that Danny had with Pete Cowan and it proved that no matter your age or ability there is something to take away for all of us. By far the best video tutorials available. Thanks Danny.

  25. Jim Dearman says:

    That'll take some time to feel natural… 10:59 🤤 Impressive Danny & great teaching!

  26. Robbie S says:

    Danny, that lesson was extraordinary, quite brilliant. All credit to you.The most significant lesson I've ever had. Please just build on this fundamental in future lessons , refine it by all means,but dont complicate it and confuse us with other techniques , Stay true to the Pete Cowen concept. Robbie Sprague

  27. Lin Cordery says:

    great explanation danny a bit easier than pete thanks danny

  28. Marco says:

    Danny I really need to know if the right wrist should stay in extension through and beyond impact on a full swing ? PC never really makes that but clear in terms of the release

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