WORLDS BEST Driver Lesson You ALWAYS NEEDED but NEVER HAD (95% missed This!)

95% of golfers HAVE MISSED THIS! This is one simple tip for hitting your driver straighter and longer every single time but this time with a DIFFERENCE. Without watching this golf swing lesson you will NEVER hit the driver as far as you should. The driver swing is SO EASY when you know this small hack that you can take out straight onto the golf course and be honest 95% of amateur’s still get wrong!

WORLDS BEST Driver Lesson You ALWAYS NEEDED but NEVER HAD (95% missed This!)

Alex Elliott Golf shows you a drill and move that a lot of pros are doing with driver but amateurs need to start doing in order to hit the driver longer, hit the driver straighter and hit the driver further. Go From Amateur To Pro Level Ball Striking In Just 5 minutes with driver if you follow this driver hack. For me this is a MAGIC MOVE drill it works that well and the #1 Key to Playing Great Golf.

Use this golf swing lesson and driver method and you will honestly hit the drivers of your life! This golf tip will answer questions such as, driver tips for beginners, driver tips for amateur golfers, simple driver tips, simple golf tips for new golfers, golf tips for new golfers and so much more!

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VICE GOLF BALLS ( use the same ball as me)


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31 Replies to “WORLDS BEST Driver Lesson You ALWAYS NEEDED but NEVER HAD (95% missed This!)”

  1. Please hit the thumbs up button on the video! Also,what driver are you gaming people? 👇🏼

  2. Can that work with a 3 wood, a 5 wood, an hybrid?

  3. This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen

  4. Peter says:

    Great tip and something I will try, I feel like my face is slightly closed (at least at take away), and I hit a big high cut. I've tweaked my swing path to contact at 1 and 7 o clock (if that makes sense) but still seem to hit big sweeping cuts, I'm sure you've covered this before but would appreciate some further guidance and tips on reducing the cut

  5. Ken Dobrindt says:

    Thank you for another great tip. Still playing the Ping 400 Max.

  6. Johnny Pena says:

    What are you using to track your golf balls for your videos? Please and thank you!

  7. Simone Foley says:

    Oh , how I like this, I will be using this for sure. Great video and so simple!

  8. tmoney 0001 says:

    This is a vice sponsored video!

  9. John M Blake says:

    After your driver tips, I’m started making longer drives and staying in the fairway a little better. Now I need to get my short game back on track.

  10. Lumber Jack says:

    How are you liking the vice balls which one would be good for slower swing speeds

  11. Craig Allen says:

    Alex, I've gotta say buddy, I'm using several of your tips now and am absolutely 💯 percent better than i was a year ago with tons more confidence. Just wish i would've found your channel 5 years ago when i first started golfing. Thanks much my man.

  12. This works. Did it by today. Following on from your putting tip. Top work m8.

  13. Lord Gwydion says:

    Loved this one Alex and will definitely take it to the course on Friday! This raised another question for me. When I get to a tee box I feel like sometimes the box itself is set up to make you face in a direction that isn't where you want to be hitting. Any hacks to make sure you don't pay as much attention to the box itself but rather where you want to hit it?

  14. Barracatcher says:

    Great info, but,, the two spots on the lens of your camera have been there a while,,,,, CANT STOP SEEING THEM. 😂

  15. Alex, great video, I’ll try this. However, when I drop my driver behind the ball, flat on the ground I am told the face should be square to target. It always looks open to me. Hence, my ball going off right with my driver and 5 wood. Or, is it a fact that I’ve got my hands to far forward at address.? Please help..

  16. Thumbnail picture ?

  17. Brian Starr says:

    All these simple tips are going to change my game forever. Thanks Alex. btw, get your cameraman to clean the sensor on the camera??????

  18. Alan Goudie says:

    Thank you for another great tip.
    The local, excellent golf pro spent a long time with a driver fitting.
    Ping G 430 High Launch Max 12 * loft, draw setting.
    Shaft Alta Quick 35 gram high launch, a lady shaft suitable for a low swing speed.
    To suit 80 year old golfer usual total distance in summer around 170 yards.
    After Alex's advice I prefer a white castle tee.

  19. Wayne Young says:

    Just a simple little trick

  20. david quinn says:

    Playing tsi 1 can’t get any distance how high should I tee it up

  21. Duy vu Dinh says:

    Always love your videos. Best on the tube, but clean your lens once in a while brother ❤

  22. Alex , I feel like you’re on my journey with me . When this 60 year old breaks 80 I’ll be clanging glasses for you!!
    Much thanks and respect!!!

  23. silveg87 says:

    I literally starter playing golf 2 months ago and played my first golf course yesterday. I hit 15 fairways dead in the middle before seeing this just knowing this made sense. I couldn't believe how easy it was. Great video. The 3 I missed I was using a 2 iron and a very old-school driver just to mess around.

  24. How are you finding that Aerojet driver Alex?

    I’m looking to buy new next week , what’s your top 3 recommendations for 16 handicapper .

    Looking and cobra LTD , cobra Aerojet , ping 425

  25. Ken Brown says:

    the grip on my driver has an index mark, and I've found that gives me a wonderful reference point to get my face the same every time. it's such a great feeling to go to where you thought you hit it, and find it yards further down the fairway. I picked up a Calloway Mavrik driver, and I'm loving it.

  26. J Gourlay says:

    Alex my man. Please clean your camera… Those spots have been there for weeks!

  27. Alan Carter says:

    Many thanks Alex- so simple- I’ll be trying it tomorrow!

  28. Paul Evans says:

    Perfect! Getting ready to play league soon today

  29. Ty McNutt says:

    You are single handedly changing my golf game through a phone screen. Thank you.

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