Hunter Predicted the Future and One of the Greatest Disc Golf Rounds of the Year | Grip Locked

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Hunter and Trevor break down Ledgestone and the Chick-fil-a bet pays off!
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47 Replies to “Hunter Predicted the Future and One of the Greatest Disc Golf Rounds of the Year | Grip Locked”

  1. If you're watching post coverage, Northwoods Black is the best course to watch on tour.

  2. It is NOT a foot fault to kick your disc unless that occurred before you released your throw. Anything after you have released your disc does not cause a foot fault, only what happens before the release. I did not analyze this specific throw frame by frame but it is generally the case that the release is before the pivot foot completely breaks free. Falling is rarely a foot fault.

  3. outer1m says:

    I think they should do two different tournaments, one at northwoods black, and one at the other one

  4. XtraX03 says:

    I grip lock the Buzz also, I want to love it, but it just won't work for me. So I throw the Thoughtspace Pathfinder for my straight flights around 275 to 300 ft.

  5. J Vladcliff says:

    Just to stir shit up, Natalie Ryan finished alright. Beat both Kat and Cat

  6. Cole Crouch says:

    The shared Oakland stadium wasn’t the owners fault that the stadium was shared, it also wasn’t the owners fault that a new stadium wasn’t ever built to keep the Raiders in Oakland either. The commissioner and either the mayor or governor in Oakland didn’t want to spend the money for a new stadium, this is why the A’s baseball team is also moving to Vegas and why the Warriors are no longer in Oakland.. I also think that either both the Bengals and the Cleveland Browns shared a stadium with baseball teams till their stadium was built.. Turf stadiums need to go away from football or the foot injuries will never go away like the players want

  7. jaymaker99 says:

    Having spectated at Eureka live on Sunday , I can say Eureka is now my favorite course to watch. It feels like disc golf heaven. It is incredibly spectator friendly. I can watch 3 holes at once at nearly any given time. The baseball hole is great to watch the disc FLY!

    I can only imagine USDGC would give me similar vibes when spectating live. Say what you want about how both courses play out on tv. I can attest to the space and views given on the course live. Northwood black may be the better disc golf course, however you simply can't end a tournament on that course if you want more than 5% of the fans on the course to have a good time.

  8. Hot take: Ricky birdying hole 12 in both rounds, throwing a midrange off the tee, validates it

  9. Chuck Cole says:

    Apparently Cole came into the Foundation retail store a while back (maybe a local tournament he was playing in?). Should've made his Chick-Fil-A pre-order then. 😂

  10. DrD04K says:

    Eureka is the worst looking course on tour, period. Spray paint tee markers on walking paths, throwing over little league fields, playing through a play ground, PDGA needs to do better, especially for an "Elite +" event.

  11. I like calling all of my own bullshit foot faults so everyone else on my card can tell me it’s a bullshit foot fault and to carry on

  12. Discraft needs to hire an athletic trainer to travel to each event and provide medical care. Corey Ellis’ injury sounds like something that could have been easily prevented.

  13. Chris M says:

    Merrell isnt niche in really any way. They produce shoes for every niche. Just because consoooomers dont like them as much as adidas doesn't make them niche 🤷‍♂️

  14. Zac Anderson says:

    Didnt talk about Finnish Nationals ….. sad

  15. HondaDrew says:

    You can tell in the intro how annoyed Trevor is about this show because he literally has to hear how wrong he was and Chick-fil-A for a year must be bought 🤣

  16. FaithfulMC says:

    Watch the moon shot again, 100% not a foot fault, he touched the disc after release

  17. Fever Dream says:

    More holes on courses should be like hole 12. The field is getting better and better, soon this will be a normal par 5.

  18. So much better without konnor brings back the good ol days

  19. Gotta say, I’m severely disappointed that the episode didn’t open with Hunter sitting there eating chick-fil-a while Trevor did the opening. That would’ve been just chef’s kiss

  20. Please make a graphic for your top 10 standings segment. It’s tough to follow when you’re just spewing out names and nothing is on the screen

  21. miggy says:

    Put a whole one in there

  22. Hole 12 is the best hole on tour.
    Maybe make it hole 1 and tee off as you can to help with pace. Idk but regardless it’s the best hole on tour.

  23. TJ Lewisdale says:

    How bout them O’s, Trevor?!

  24. Chase Ashley says:

    Re the baseball field hole – Baseball field fence is a WAY better than painted OB lines

  25. Matt says:

    Eureka is one of the funnest courses to watch coverage on. One of my favorites

  26. I♥DiscGolf says:

    Injuries are starting to become a real thing for these people. With the amount of play they are doing week in and week out injuries are bound to happen. Should they give them more breaks or are we going to see more people picking the events they want to play instead of grinding every week?

  27. Ice Cole Redalen needs a tour disc stamp with his silhouette and icicles hanging off of him.

  28. Blazeplayz2 says:

    On a real note Cole played so good.

  29. Long Hair says:

    You know i was always on the fence about trevor joining fountain nation. He just seems like hes not going to take it as serious. That being said trevor youre killing it.. I think trevor is a staple of fountain nation. Gotta say i like the podcasts

  30. DGA Bet, theyll become the official DGPT Basket manufacturer by start of 2025 season

  31. Tymon James says:

    I ordered a DGA Squall (lime green) but didn't see a spot to comment "Grip Locked sent me". Can I still get a sticker??

  32. Chaser 90EK says:

    I am disappointed this episode didn't open with Hunter fist-pumping to Sweet Victory

  33. Brett Babir says:

    He didn't foot fault on the spike hyzer, he had already released the disc, did a slip step, then kicked the disc. Not a foot fault.

  34. Disc Fan says:

    Wonder if the boys think Ezra Robinson is having a better season than Alden.

  35. Joe Garcia says:

    I’m glad Hunter said Buzz. I want to love the buzz so bad but the emac truth always kicks it out of my bag 😂

  36. A 28 foot putt is not a tester that’s a putt lol

  37. Are you saying Cole got extra help from somewhere?

  38. at 0:34 I was expecting hunter to say todays sponsor chick-fil a lol

  39. Tromm says:

    I am on the side that pars don’t matter. Point in case: hole 12 could be a par 2, or a par 8. The scores tally the same way. Period. I think birds, pars, and bogies are straight up for player confidence, and/or viewers enjoyment.

  40. I had the same issue with the Buzzz. I figured our I don't like mids that have rims that are deeper than they are wide. The Buzzz and the MD3 are the same depth, but the MD3 has a wider rim than the Buzzz. That may be it.

  41. Tromm says:

    Here is my take,… it doesn’t reaaallly matter, WHAT type of course we see on tour,… the BEST player that weekend is going to win. They are all on that same course.

  42. Zach Boyce says:

    wtf is that mic quality

  43. Dan Trutron says:

    Trevor could use a magnum of Black Rifle extra inky black coffee ! "Moist hands." lol.

  44. Will Thomas says:

    Who else was rooting for Cole to win simply on the basis of Chick-fil-A?

  45. HaikesXO says:

    First thing I thought of when I saw Cole won… chic filet 🤣

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