Wrestling Alligators with Frank Robb – EP 148

For episode 148, we welcomed Frank “Alligator” Robb to the show! Frank is the founder of the non-profit, Environmental Education Awareness Research Support and Services, or EEARSS. Mr. Robb has 27 years of experience dealing with wildlife and is looking to grow the educational programs for federal, state, city, and county government agencies, schools and the public. EEARSS also strives to continue relationships and research around the globe. Specific research and background involves, Alligator toxicology, endocrinology, along with health of local ecosystems, Gopher Tortoise’s, controlled fires, viruses affecting wild alligator populations in Florida, sea turtle nesting populations, and survey data for county and federal level governments, including a proven track record with the Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands Programs, NASA and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

In our discussion, we covered how Frank got involved in wildlife and nature, what drew him into studying alligators, the connection between humans and alligators, dealing with evasive species in Florida, his historic capture of “Chance the Snapper” in Chicago, his recovery from heart surgery, what it takes to be a wildlife conservationist, and much more!

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5 Replies to “Wrestling Alligators with Frank Robb – EP 148”

  1. Just finished up this episode. It was great and so was the guest. Ty and have a great weekend! ❤

  2. This is such episode, I have a massive love and respect for wild life and conservationists. Thanks to Frank for sharing his experiences and expertise. Never underestimate an animal – and don't do anything stupid.

  3. I don't live near Alligators but I'm very aware of them when I'm in their territory. Conservation of any animal is a must. Thank you, John, for bringing Frank on to share his experiences. Also, your prep work is beyond amazing.

  4. JAMax11 says:

    Wonderful guest…he really breaks the stereotype of the hillbilly gator wrestler that we normally see in media…he seems like a true man of science and a really great human! Thank you Frank and John for exposing me to my new favorite word…”Crocodillian”! Reminds me of Peter Pan and the crocodile that never forgot Captain Hook!” 🐊🐊🐊

  5. MsAnne1701 says:

    Living in a mountain town, you need to know what to look for, laws of the land and what to do when you come across wildlife while out in their territory. because you WILL come across it!!

    Wildlife conservation is more important than ever! With Deforestation, Ocean pollution and climate change we are losing our wild kingdom at a rapid pace. Thank you Frank and John for having this conversation ❣️

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