You Don't Need To Hit Full Swing Wedge Shots!

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In this lesson, Adam teaches you why you dont need to hit full wedge shots into the green. Many people when hitting wedges get too long at the top which causes disconnection. Instead we like to take a three quarter swing with a big body turn and short arm swing to hit our wedges.

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13 Replies to “You Don't Need To Hit Full Swing Wedge Shots!”

  1. Caleb Moore says:

    Man, that's good action!

  2. Scott Bogan says:

    Could you elaborate just a bit more on “hand speed”. Are you saying to get your hands from the top down to the ball quicker? When I do that I’m my swing, I feel like I’m chopping at the ball.
    Thanks Adam, your channel is awesome!

  3. Love these videos. My ballstriking has improved no end after taking the "connection" through the swing thoughts from these videos. 😁

  4. Junior1986 says:

    I feel inclined to share this little story from my round of golf this last weekend. Short par 4, 340ish to flag from the tee box, both my playing competitors tee off with driver, I tee off last choosing 4 iron to leave myself a yardage that I like as I normally try to do. We get to the first fellows tee shot (fairly short hitter) he plays his second shot, I then move up the fairway to my ball that was parallel in distance to the other fellows drive, 109 to a middle left pin is what I had, I elect to hit kind of a sawed off 50 that I hoped would fall a little right while intending to start it at the center off the green, anyways, he hits his shot, I hit mine to 12 feet, we get to the green and he says “yeah I hit a 58 pretty hard there” I say that’s cute I hit a shot with my 50 closer and remind him that I hit a 4 iron off the tee level with his driver. The whole moral to this longer than intended spiel is, too many people swing too damn hard at theirs wedges and wear this badge of honor on how far they hit their lob wedge and it’s pointless. My game really changed for the better when I started playing “less than full” wedge shots.

  5. Awesome video and tips! I have the opposite problem. My hands get a little too quick and get out too far ahead of my body.

  6. Dale Cleece says:

    Love these wedge videos . Im really struggling with shanking my wedges , help !!!

  7. Michigan Man says:

    Man o man. It's hot as life here in Houston right now 🔥🔥🔥😩

  8. Enzy says:

    Hands-down the best coach/instructor on youtube.

  9. Skye PRF says:

    just arrived from my golf club… bad day… rain, winds… but… worst thing… all my wedge was straight… but left of the target… don't know what! 🙁
    So I am sitting watching Adam's video! 🙂

  10. Great explanation..because I hurt my back, to keep playing I started to limit my back, direction is like a laser beam 😀..grateful again..keep the videos coming. Stressdr

  11. Yeah, Porzak post means pause and watch

  12. Rob.B says:

    Wanna say thanks. I have shot in the 70s my last four rounds and won my Club Championship. Anytime a video is posted I’m watching and learning. So again thanks for the content.

  13. Khabibxtyson says:

    It's a good day when porzak golf posts… love the simple approach to wedges

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