You Won't Believe How Solid You Hit Your Irons With This Drill

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50 Replies to “You Won't Believe How Solid You Hit Your Irons With This Drill”

  1. desano1975 says:

    Eric do you throw the club a little bit or no? Personally in your swing I'm asking.

  2. J. McCarthy says:

    This is ridiculously HARD to do!!! No wonder I have sucked for decades. Yeah, two rehearsals one hit… Check the video. I think I heard my iPhone laughing at me.

  3. mulle27 says:

    good things to learn from this! now, by the time you get into my age, with serious arthritis in your already square formed hips, how can we solve this? is there a workaround?

  4. K J says:

    I consider myself fairly flexible, but getting my hips 90 degrees to the target line on the follow through is not easy. Trying this drill made me realize I'm only getting to about 60 degrees.

  5. Something I am working on at the time and will try your drill for sure. However I injured my left foot during practice in the studio with my pro. I see the same risk for your left foot, it is tilted to the left. You seem to be okay with that but this will not go well for all players. My suggestion is that peoples who have to work on their hip rotation could put the left foot a little more facing out. This makes the rotation more easy and prevents injury.

  6. Paul Wilson says, move the trail knee towards the lead knee simultaneous with the beginning of the downswing. He adds same emphasis as you, make sure that the trail knee as it moves towards the target is underneath the club at the address position. Eric says the same thing with his “box.” This helps me rotate and automatically get my weight forward. Now if I can fix the other 80 things in my swing, I will be a legend.

  7. utubewins ok says:

    Just a tip…im no pro but stretch first and get a little more limber. Otherwise a lot of these golf drills could hurt you more than help. Pros stretch like crazy crazy amounts

  8. jtr says:

    I wish I had your golf swing. It looks so tidy and effortless.

    Any chance you can show your swings in slow slow motion for future videos?

    Cheers Tom

  9. Andrew Doyle says:

    That’s what I’ve been struggling with, thanks for your advice 😊

  10. bob pues says:

    Love this entire lesson, Eric…thank you!!

  11. Because of an injury I cannot put weight on the outside of my left foot on the downswing. Any recommendations?

  12. Love this! Thank you. Are there any gym workouts/stretches that you suggest to improve this movement?

  13. Dave Cohn says:

    Because the pelvis is designed for stability and weight bearing and is supported by some of the strongest ligaments in the body, the pelvis is capable of very limited amounts of rotation on its own .In order for the pelvis to move in a fashion that most would call “rotation “, the pelvis is dependent on hip movement to change the position of each respective hip socket . The below quote by @ pt ax of Tommy Fleetwood below “ push his left hip back “ is consistent with this basic anatomy .
    An older video which Eric did with Mike Maklaska describes a similar motion.
    The important concept for golfers to learn is to NOT try to rotate the pelvis , since rotation beyond a small amount is anatomically impossible , but to move the left hip socket away from the target line during the downswing

  14. Eric- is there a reason why this drill wouldn’t also work for driver? Also as an early extender love the visual of the wall above the toes

  15. Lenard Tan says:

    Great simple video tips

  16. crimn says:

    Mike malaska teaches to push back your left hip when your club is at impact, which creates more power. Eric does a great video with Mike but doesn't use what he learns which is ok cause he wouldn't have his own method.

  17. A brilliant lesson, thanks …

  18. Great video. One more addition. When practicing this, start with smal swings and try to hit it hard. This will make you try to move your hips quicker and so making the turn bigger,

  19. MG says:

    Been STRUGGLING! with this for months! Thank you Eric great drill.

  20. Loveless says:

    This is great! Love it. So the same principle apply to fairway woods?

  21. Mike Thomas says:

    Eric, So when you do this , your head needs to still stay behind the ball? I notice when I do this correct , I feel that separation between my upper and lower body and the shot has some zip on it. But if my upper body turns thru with my lower body , I hook it bad. Thanks , your a great coach !

  22. Tyler Bugg says:

    Great drill, I have been working on my early extension, and better posture has really helped me get rid of it. I am in Philly which isn’t too far from you, do you still do in person lessons?

  23. Nicholas says:

    Yes, good stuff. It's going to be a bit of work to avoid just pushing up, but great improvement very quickly.

  24. Chad Sexton says:

    Gold. Love it. You're the best, EC!

  25. MKM says:

    This would normally be matched up with a lead wrist flex right?

  26. The guy in the yellow shirt and green shorts on the range desperately needs your help.

  27. Eric, I am making progress with my irons, particularly from the wedges through the 7 iron, but I cannot hit the driver using this rotary movement. Is their an existing video which addresses an issue such as this? Furthermore, while I am 76 this year, but in excellent physical health, I am unable to get the distance from my driver before I began to re-shape my swing using this technique using this technique. I was usually in that 255-265 yard average. Suggestions!? At this age I know that time is increasingly an issue. Thank you, Wayne

  28. C K says:

    Eric, are those Olukai shoes supportive enough to play a round of golf in?

  29. Another great video Eric! Is it just a coincidence that the player hitting behind you on the driving range always seems to be a perfect example of the very problem you are addressing in your videos?. In this case the gentleman with the yellow shirt. 🙂

  30. Really enjoy this. This has been something I’ve struggled with for years as I’m one that has the right hip sway back, then on the down swing, move towards the ball. I’ve been told to actually try and stay closed longer to help with my swing. I wonder if getting left sooner without moving towards the ball would be better

  31. g4yrut says:

    In order to properly perform the hip bump, I think it’s important to understand why.

    1. During the backswing our hips naturally shift away from the target. If we simply unwound from that position, we would be hitting well behind the ball.
    2. More importantly is spine angle. At the top of the backswing, our spine is relatively vertical, which is why so many amateurs are swinging OTT. Your spine angle won’t allow you to do anything else. But, as the hips shift forward, the spine angle tilts into a position which allows us to swing underneath.
    3. The hip shift creates our left leg post. Which, like in basketball, gives us a stable position to simply rotate around. The post position should feel like our left hip socket is literally stacked on top of our femur, which is stacked on top of our ankle.

    But what’s interesting, we can actually preset these conditions! If at setup, we simply shift our hips towards the target and our left heel (while keeping our sternum still), what do you notice?

    We’ve created the post position AND shifted our spine angle before the swing even begins. Which means, as we transition through our downswing, suddenly our hips only need to shift roughly 2 inches (depending on the amount of preset bump), compared to roughly 12 inches without presetting.

    Just a little tip, and food for thought for all those struggling with hip shifting.

  32. 617K3vin says:

    So i just started golf a month ago and its been fun but I still don't know what I'm doing. I been searching different golfing channels to find the right teacher and after watching a few videos I think you may be it. I'm still overwhelmed by the sheer amount of videos and don't know where to begin. Is there a recommended video order to watch for a new guy like me? The point I'm at is that I cant get solid contact on the ball consistently, and when i do hit it im in the 70-110 yard range. The 3 clubs I've been using is the 4 iron, 6 iron and driver (hand me down set, I dont have everything) Thanks!

  33. Alex N says:

    If you ever decide to take your skills on the road to the west coast, please let me know. I would signup for an in-person lesson in a heartbeat. Pennsylvania is a little far for me to go for a golf lesson and I am not into the recording of my swing for an analysis. Keep up the great content. I can relate to the information in this video.

  34. Rick Hammel says:

    any tips for someone with a bad left knee? I injured it a few years ago, and I don't think it'll ever be the same. Seems to make opening my hips a bit harder as it stresses the knee when it straightens. thanks!

  35. Thanks Eric try this tomorrow on the course 👍

  36. Eric, thank you! I worked on better hip rotation with limited success. I realized my external/internal hip flexibility was horrendous. Shockingly bad. LOL! Strengthening and stretching has helped like you wouldn't believe. Searching internal/external hip flexibility plus your great instruction may help someone else! You're the best! Stay well.

  37. PT ATX says:

    Tommy Fleetwood says his key move to initiate this is to PUSH his left hip back. Helps him initiate the rotation you speak of and clears it at the same time.

  38. stevedre says:

    Nor entirely true. Rocco Mediate was pretty much hips square are impact. He was pretty good. No Absolutes in Golf. Sorry.

  39. TomTomChucky says:

    This makes SO much sence – well done!

  40. Hi Eric. Love your videos. How about this… Just tell your student to have your"chest to the sky on your finish". That's it. No drill. Just a simple swing thought. Chest to the sky. You do that and everything you described, will follow. It's impossible to have your "chest to the sky"without having your hips square, knees kissing etc… Just my five cents worth

  41. Kevin Kees says:

    Hey Eric, you established back in PA now? Don’t tell me the FL heat 🥵already got to you!

  42. Logan Nguyen says:

    Another instructor says do the absolute opposite. Don’t push the right hip forward but instead pull the left hip back. Slight difference in feel and timing. He says the arms will tend to get stuck in the downswing if you push. What do you think?

  43. Reminds me of the video you did with Mike Malaska, on how the hips work, used that tip since I watched it, probably two years ago now, certainly made a big difference to my ball striking and distance

  44. T J says:

    Is it possible to have the hands and clubhead trailing too far behind?

  45. Jill Herbert says:

    ive been working on this and easy with short irons. driver really hard to do…

  46. Art Golfer says:

    Wonderful video! I'll try harder tomorrow.

  47. Russ Quick says:

    Great for something I've been working on to get rotation facing the target. If I'm seeing this correctly Eric your left hip has moved toward the target either before or simultaneously with opening of hips. Right or wrong? Be good-Russ

  48. Hi Eric when you said use right hip to push forward, isn’t that early extension?

  49. Bill Powell says:

    Very timely. I will try this immediately

  50. I would add a key part of this motion is not allowing the center of your pelvis to move closer to the ball. Moving closer to the ball causes all kinds of accomodations (OTT, early extension) because you run out of room for your arms to reach the ball. I would make this the initial, foundational critical part of the movement. Eric addresses this, as someone who has struggled with this for 30 years, it has been an "ah hah" moment.

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