Can 2 Pro Golfers Break 72 Playing Worst Ball?

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Hole 1
3:02 Hole 2
4:32 Hole 3
7:30 Hole 4
10:15 Hole 5
11:33 Hole 6
13:53 Hole 7
15:50 Hole 8
18:36 Hole 9
20:53 Mukbang
21:28 Hole 10
22:58 Hole 11
25:09 Deer
25:57 Hole 12
28:12 Hole 13
30:40 Hole 14
34:32 Hole 15
36:00 Hole 16
38:24 Hole 17
40:34 Last Hole
43:59 Intro Bloopers


22 Replies to “Can 2 Pro Golfers Break 72 Playing Worst Ball?”

  1. O So says:

    Thought I was watching golf, apparently it was the lastest episode release of Looney Toomes

  2. CHUCKTHIS says:

    Holy crap new one for the pokedex 1:15

  3. 2+2 = a worst ball Tooms Tae..😅
    Great stuff😂

  4. Banger clip bois, love the content 🤙🏻

  5. Luke Toomey says:

    Still can’t believe I had to buy dinner.

  6. My only complaint is that wehitfairways isn't a real website ☹

  7. Harry Rees says:

    You dudes are awesome. Loving the content Tae great to see you sticking with it since the Kwon videos. Already becoming one of my favourite channels #pinhighsmen
    (P.s. Tooms hair (and golf) is sick)

  8. DoggoRonnie says:

    Your annotations at the bottom get me every time, love your content, especially the stuff with you and Tooms. Keep it up bro

  9. New best duo on YouTube

  10. AYWM says:

    Love your content as well as the features on Luke Kwon’s. It has a unique blend of quirkiness yet masterful showcase of golf. And it is also such great advertisement for NZ and it’s beautiful courses; definitely will want to make a golf trip one day. Keep up the amazing work and always looking forward to your videos.

  11. Brian Murray says:

    Tae and Luke have gone to the same golf school the 1 handed disgusted follow through that heads straight at the pin and ends up on the green. Rooms forever will be known as the 🦌 wisperer😂

  12. More close ups up of Taco eating Mukbang please.

  13. Love the editing, keep it up!

  14. Great video, awesome chemistry for you two. For all you from New Zealand, when is the best time to head over there for some golf. Coming from Florida, I dream of a couple-week trip to New Zealand, and would love to play some of these amazing courses.

  15. Ssssss says:

    The most entertaining youtube golf content at the moment. Please entertain us at least weekly 😂

  16. Richard Gale says:

    Favorite golf you tuber and from my country
    Come destroy my home course Ngaruawahia

  17. Mojo Hojo says:

    Best golf channel out right now, the comedy is off the charts and so is the golf game 🔥

  18. Really enjoyable to watch, couldn't stop laughing through the hole video keep it up guys great entertaining stuff, cheers.

  19. David Graham says:

    C’mon, don’t have a go at Rick Shiels. He’s not really a pro golfer. He’s a 4 handicap who became a pro. Big difference between that and a plus figure player.

  20. Andrew Gould says:

    keep putting out the vids bro, heaps fun

  21. Bruuuuh, I watch alot of golf youtube (my wife says too much) and nothing gets me as excited as a taco golf upload! Keep up the excellent work, this video was fan-fukn-tastic

  22. Robert Vien says:

    Those deer were wondering why you just picked what they were eating anyway. They wanted some of that potato.

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