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What an INSANE video! I have once again innovated in the Valorant community by producing the freshest content out there.

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Thanks for watching, and have a great day!


0:00-0:12 20,000 Likes for Season 2!
0:12-4:18 Hole 1
4:18-4:46 Player Interviews
4:46-8:48 Hole 2
8:48-12:50 Hole 3
12:50-16:12 Hole 4
16:12-16:52 Score Update!
16:52-18:00 Salad Bonus Round!
18:00-19:52 Hole 5
19:52-22:44 Hole 6
22:44-24:48 Hole 7
24:48-27:21 Hole 7 (GRAND FINALE)
27:21-27:36 20,000 Likes for Season 2!

I have compiled my most-used tracks into this google drive folder:

Note: it does not include ALL of the tracks I use. The tracks in the “Uppbeat” folder require a subscription to Uppbeat to be used.


30 Replies to “$1,500 VALORANT GOLF!”

  1. TrashTripp says:

    Start getting your free money NOW! Download salad right now!


    Don't forget to use "TRASHTRIPP" for DOUBLE earnings!

    This was so fun!

  2. kl mn says:

    viper can see where her smoke is gonna land on the map and brim can easily line up the shot with a smoke

  3. Ayush Tomar says:

    Splitting it was very generous of him

  4. WrLd says:

    Gave me virus

  5. n3z3rseN TV says:

    so easy for averagejonas

  6. goldfish says:

    that was so dramatic tho

  7. Synris says:

    bro i clicked the link for salad and it said it wanted to steal my credit card info

  8. This is one of the best videos i’ve ever seen on youtube

  9. Bot_8302 says:

    brimstone would have won if he knew how to line up with his molly. so theres this trick where if u smoke with brimstone and aim ur molly where the smoke first appeared in the air it will land where the smoke is. it works %100 unless theres an object in the way or didnt aim where the smoke was

  10. MaxedMonke says:

    i cant find where to start mining for cryptocurrency?

  11. Is this salad thing forreal?

  12. Mikey says:

    173k yt promoting a trojan. Wow

  13. Unfunny says:

    Ik im late but it triggers me that if sova would have had one bounce on francture he would have had it

  14. oxbhy says:

    i was honestly rooting for freddy LOL

  15. if you said 1,000 dollars why is it 1,500 dollars below the video?

  16. klaus says:

    It's all fun and games until Jonas joins in

  17. even if she got it she was no the small box they could not stand on

  18. rambogus says:

    never let average jonas play this..

  19. OddBird says:

    not to ruin the fun but why is yukino allowed to stand on the small box but danie isn't? 🤨

  20. Top 0,00001% players

  21. R Gaming says:

    tip for viper: just see the minimap it will show where it will land

  22. Maddox Swan says:

    Do one where u can go out of bounds

  23. klaus says:

    It's all fun and games until Jonas walks in

  24. zylist says:

    froggy kid ruined the vid bro fr sound like 🤓

  25. ZareX says:

    With sova u can Easily just shoot the dart directly on side with basically 1 and half charge + jump.
    I can do any distance with sova even tho i don't even play him that much

  26. Future Amar says:

    Dumb that he splits the money it was all fair gameplay and he just won

  27. I have line ups for everything I would win this like all of these were a about land of my soba line ups I would do all in 1/3 shots

  28. Øreo says:

    averagejonas when he sees this: aw bruh this too easy what the hell

  29. Jumbo Jimbo says:

    Salad sounds to good to be true

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